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Am I supposed to give feedback here or should I do that in the forums? - Regardless,… - Feed Post by Shadd

Am I supposed to give feedback here or should I do that in the forums?
- Regardless, it seems that during practice sessions, the furigana for the kanji in the example sentences (the ones on the left) shows the kanji's reading but often, if not always, overlapping with the okurigana, becoming redundant and possibly confusing to japanese neophytes.
- Another issue is how the furigana for the 人 kanji is always displayed as にん, though when used alone (and also according to the example audio) its pronunciation is always ひと.
- Finally, it seems that most of the times (if not all), the example audio reads plain form verbs (-u/ru ending) as if they wered in the polite (-masu) form. That too can be confusing to neophytes.
posted by Shadd

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  • Shadd
    Another one just found out: the 御飯 (ごはん) audio says it as though it were ご-めし, which is the pronunciation of the kanji by itself, but the wrong one in this case.
  • mog86uk
    I assume most of these things are either intentional or unavoidable? as they are very obvious to anyone after using the site a few minutes. However, there are some slight good sides to it...

    It makes learners think and question why the furigana overlaps certain parts of the kana following a kanji, but not the remaining kana (ie. just okurigana, but not particles and the like).

    It makes learners go find out why the audio doesn't match the text, and about plain and polite forms of verbs.

    But I doubt this really was intentional, and it isn't all that helpful really either. You're right, it is just more confusing and makes it harder to memorise. That ごめし thing is pretty weird too, lol.
  • beeant
    Hello Shadd,
    thank you for your feedback. As most of the things are done automatically using some mix of databases, it is difficult to be perfect. Also, Japanese is a complex language in my opinion. One kanji can be read in many ways.

    From all these, I'm working hard to make it perfect. In the future release of JCJP, I am planning to make some simple feature that enable us to collaborate to work on this, building the perfect/close to perfect Japanese learning materials.

    Thank You,
  • Shadd
    Thank you for considering my feedback rather. And those are perfectly good ideas; I hope somebody would set up a website like this for other languages as well, I find it a very good tool to practise and learn overall.

    PS: for some reason I seem to get notified twice for every reply on my posts (or just this one, I don't have any other at the moment), little annoying bug.