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(I wonder how long these 'about me' texts can be? Kinda want to test that out...)

Hey everyone! 私はイングランドの南部に住んでいます。I started studying Japanese around 14 years ago and at that time I learnt hiragana and katakana. However, since that time I've been very laid-back about learning Japanese, so my studying of it has been extremely sporadic.

I mainly learn Japanese for fun, because I find it a really interesting language. I'm particularly interested in Japanese grammar, Classical Japanese, Kanji etymology and the origins of Chinese characters.

My main goal in learning Japanese is just to be able to read it fluently (eventually). I've tried to use JCJP every day for the last year. I now try to keep my Oblivion list empty each day, which seems to take an average of about 200 questions per day.

I've recently started to focus on completing the offline Japanese learning game 'Slime Forest Adventure'. I feel that doing JCJP Practice and SFA together is a good mutually beneficial combination.

For anyone else currently playing SFA too: here are my current stats so that we can compete! ^^

Lvl: 143 (All 8 episodes completed.)
Kanji I've learnt the meaning for: 1972 / 1972
Kanji I've learnt one most likely reading for: 1972 / 1972
Kun'yomi words learnt: 1385 / 1385
Kanji compound words learnt: 1399 / 1399


grade A+
2153/2153 vocabularies learned

grade A+
2032/2032 kanji learned


grade A
8684 vocabularies learned


2 public notes created
15 notes reviewed

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