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Wil it be possible to also learn grammar here? Great site, very helpful. - Feed Post by YuIchtacatl

Wil it be possible to also learn grammar here? Great site, very helpful.
posted by YuIchtacatl

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  • mog86uk
    I'd like to see that too.

    My favourite learning game for Japanese grammar is LRNJ's Slime Forest Adventure. -- lrnj.com

    The whole game is really helpful, and the game complements this site quite well.
    For grammar, the grammar sub-game in it is pretty neat. I haven't reached the end of the grammar game yet, but it's taken me through virtually every conjugation for verbs, copula, i-adjectives, na-adjectives, and helps with lots of particles.

    It would be really cool if this site had it's own style of how that grammar game works. It should work pretty well here. :)
  • YuIchtacatl
    Thank you, I'll check that site out!
  • Manjius
    I also recommend slime forest, in my case I used it to grind kanji for a year before starting with vocabulary in here. The only problem is that you need to pay to go beyond the first 300 kanjis I believe, but I was so happy with the results that I gladly paid the 20$.
  • Shadd
    Another good website is this one here:
    The facebook group is also very active and useful.
  • mog86uk
    The free version of Slime Forest was just recently upped to 1000 kanji, and the full version, with nearly 2000 kanji, is only 5$.
    But it's the grammar mini-game I particularly like, which is completely included in the free version anyway.

    The game works a lot like Practice mode on here, with learning by trial and error until it sticks in your memory, but it has little in the way of teaching. It has a few bugs and quirks to get used to, but runs very smooth and never crashes.

    The game probably works best for people who've already spent a while trying to learn Japanese from a few sites/books. This is especially the case with the grammar game. You can try to learn grammar from reading up on it; but even though you kinda understand the stuff sites and books are telling you, it doesn't really stick or make complete sense, until you are using it and being tested on it.

    It's also, however, a much more solo experience than on this site. The community here is one of the big nice things about this site. :)
  • zeto
    man, slime forest's free version sucks ass. the rpg is very despicable.
  • mog86uk
    I can't really understand what could make you dislike it that much?

    Sure, the rpg isn't a game you'd ever play if it didn't have the learning Japanese side to it, as it's extremely basic and would be boring.
    And it takes quite a bit of patience to get used to the game; with it's weird quirks, like the unusual romanisation scheme.
    Also, it's very keyboard touch-type heavy. However, the game lets you switch to using kana-type input instead of romaji input, with a kana-type sub-game to help you learn to use it, which is a cool skill to learn in itself (even if kana input is supposedly not really used by the Japanese themselves).

    Other than that though, it's a decent game for learning with.