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UP! The new JCJP is almost done for beta test. I'm looking… - Feed Post by Medyrius


The new JCJP is almost done for beta test.
I'm looking for volunteering beta testers.
This will be private and limited to 50 users.

The requirement is that you need to be at least level 3,
would be better if you can be online on certain schedule (undecided 1 day weekend).

I'm planning to have a real time chat room within JCJP.
Hopefully all beta testers can go online at the same time on the start of the beta test.
So that in the chat room, we can have interactive discussion.

The new JCJP in the beta test will be pretty much the same as the current JCJP.
No new feature is implemented yet.

So the goal of this first beta test are:
- Test the features from current JCJP works properly. (find bugs)
- gain feedback such as whether the new layout provides more convenient learning environment.
- Test the stability of the new technical architecture.

After the first beta test, I'm planning to have a second beta test to test JCJP new features.

15/50 volunteers so far...
posted by Medyrius

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  • zeto
    hmmm... the second beta test seems interesting.
  • zeto
    remind me if the first one's done. くくくくー
  • Medyrius
    oh crap... forgot to add the link to the original comment for registering :s really needs to be a comment edit/deletion feature in the new version... or a time travel button why not... xD
  • zeto
  • Medyrius
    U really need to change the jisho u're using man... [Or maybe learn some grammar... ;)]
  • zeto
    grammar can wait.. err uhmm.. for at least a month from now? hehe
  • zeto
    but i love to procrastinate so maybe two years
  • beeant
    thank you very much for your coopertion Medyrius.

    when I'm remaking JCJP, I feel kind of disappointed that I found out few number of active users in JCJP are using some kind of trick to get a lot of EXP. :(

    I want JCJP to be fair. But this trick is my fault for not having a precaution for this. :(

    To explain this trick; some people answered a note question for more than 20000 times. This is not good for the user him/herself, because I want to create a personalization system based on the user data. This imbalanced of 20000 will mess up the personalization for that particular user.

    Do you have any suggestion what should I do to these users?
  • zeto
    exploiting a bug and not reporting it is an offence. i would like to see them banned for like 5 minutes or something.
  • tstheworm
    Where do I sign up?
  • BazookaSteve

    A particularly tricky scenario. While it's obvious what those particular users are doing, it's worthwhile to point out that they are doing is self-defeating, like cheating at any edutainment game. While the users should be probably punished in some way, I would say the easiest method is likely removing all the EXP gained from answering the note question over and over, or removing all their EXP from the date which they started to cheat.

    Something that could be done to prevent this in the future is to reduce EXP gained from answering the same note question in a short time from the last time it was answered. This reduction could go away over time, because some people would likely come back to the note at a later date to review the material.

    Unfortunately people are going to cheat no matter what you do. However, with no possible benefit other than education, they are cheating themselves most of all.