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Uwahh~ You're so good at Japanese * A * - Feed Post from loli_teachan to Annick

Uwahh~ You're so good at Japanese * A * <3
posted by loli_teachan

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  • Annick
    I'm more motivated than good :p
  • loli_teachan
    Q u Q That's good, though~ Wahhh. Are you fluent in the language yet? ;; w ;; I'd be surprised if you weren't~
  • Annick
    Be surprised! Not at all! I can read a little but not much. I wanted to learn kanji before grammar, it annoyed me not to be able to read kanji in grammar books (or else), I'm more a visual type of person and romanji/kana confused me.
  • loli_teachan
    Ohhh I see o u o I am so surprised. //shot. But if you can read all the kanji and stuff, shouldn't you be able to know what an article says? ;; w ;; Or at least the general idea of it?
  • Annick
    I don't know all the readings or vocabulary, (And I keep forgetting plenty). Articles are more difficult to read than mangas or menus.