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こんにちわ~!お元気ですか?( ´ ▽ ` )ノ - Feed Post from loli_teachan to kiarayuki

こんにちわ~!お元気ですか?( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
posted by loli_teachan

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  • kiarayuki
    sorry I can't reply well with Japanese, I'm currently new learning it now ^^;
  • loli_teachan
    I'm learning too, hehe~ And omg, you're a Square Enix fan? <3 Does that mean...that you like Final Fantasy? By any chance? 8'D
  • kiarayuki
    oh yes, I like Final Fantasy series <3 but I don't have a chance to play all of them because of school studies :'|
    you like FF too? :D
  • loli_teachan
    Of course~! ^_^ But my favorites are VII and VIII <3
  • kiarayuki
    if i'm not wrong, it had tifa and cloud in it, right? the story's interesting, imo <3
  • loli_teachan
    Yeshhh~ Crisis Core made me cry the most though. Why do all the good characters die OTL