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Hi ;; u ;; I just wanted to say --are you by any chance a vocaloid fan? Is that Miku as your icon?… - Feed Post from loli_teachan to animezamurai

Hi ;; u ;; I just wanted to say --are you by any chance a vocaloid fan? Is that Miku as your icon? * A * And what's your favorite anime? I assume you like anime because of your username OTL //asks tons of questions. Nice to meet you <3
posted by loli_teachan

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  • animezamurai
    Hi loli_teachan. Nice to meet you.
    I can't write English very well so please let me answer your question in Japanese.


  • loli_teachan
    Oh I see~ It's okay. I can read Japanese, but I can't type well OTL

  • animezamurai
    To tell truth... I'm Japanese lol

    That's why I'm not good at English >< I joined this site to study English together Japanese learner.
  • loli_teachan
    Oh wow~! English is a hard language to learn > A < Good luck ;; w ;; If you need help with anything, feel free to ask me <3
  • animezamurai
    Thank you very much.
    Yes, English is very hard language for Japanese>< だけどすごく楽しんでますよ^^ I want to speak English like a native speaker someday.
    I hope you keep to study Japanese and enjoy it so you'll be a good Japanese speaker before long.
    By the way do you have a MAL account?
  • loli_teachan
    Yesh I do~! http://myanimelist.net/profile/theresattdo
  • animezamurai
    Here's my MAL profile.
    I also use MAL as an educational material for English.
    If you have a question about Japanese, please don't hesitate to ask me.
    Btw how many languages do you speak? At least you seem to speak English and vietnamese fluently.
  • loli_teachan
    I speak English and Viet fluently. I'm learning Japanese and Spanish. I'm also fairly fluent in German. <3
  • loli_teachan
    What about you? www
  • animezamurai
    Japanese and @[email protected] ><
    I feel so embarrassing.(〃ω〃)
    You are genius so I'm jealous you^^
  • loli_teachan
    Awwwh~ > A < Don't be jealous~ You're really good at English too c: And English is one of the hardest languages to learn~
  • animezamurai
    It's just a matter of time that your Japanese will outstrip my English.
    Good luck. m9(≧ω≦)