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So much visual kei in that profile picture. Omg. - Feed Post from loli_teachan to ochikonderu

So much visual kei in that profile picture. Omg. <3
posted by loli_teachan

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  • ochikonderu
    Aw, thanks for recognizing. lol In fact, that's Yo-ka-san, the vocalist, from DIAURA. :3
  • loli_teachan
    Omg * A * He reminds me a lot of the artist, Khaoskai <333 If you know him~
  • ochikonderu
    I don't actually... *Googles him* ...but it looks like a really good thing~ ∑(=゚ω゚=;) *continues her research*
  • ochikonderu
    凄い人ですね! The life he leads is like a dream~ And I'm totally in love with his artistic style. It reminds me of the art in the remake of an OVA of an old Japanese novel with mature themes that I don't want to offend people with or get in trouble by mentioning its name... o.o

    Anyways, he's incredibly interesting. Thanks for introducing me to him. ^_^
  • loli_teachan
    * A * I googled the vocalist as well <333 So cool~ Why are these guys so cute and talented.