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I'm just new here ^^ Just wandering if anyone can give me an advice on memorizing… - Feed Post by Jakeh

I'm just new here ^^
Just wandering if anyone can give me an advice on memorizing Hiraganas and Katakanas? I seem to be having troubles memorizing them. Need some help :)
posted by Jakeh

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  • Nico_Yacuzzi
    Welcome. :)
    Some books try to relate the sound of hiragana and katakana with familiar words. For instance, the letter "ki" in hiragana looks like a key.
  • mog86uk
    If you want a nice example of the above comment, try these links. :)



    Personally though, I learnt kana by doodling them whenever I was bored in class. I either just drew random kana, or tried to write as much of the a,i,u,e,o;ka,ki,ku... table as I could remember, and then checked how many I got right (or more likely, badly wrong)!

    Flash games helped me a lot too. I used this one, which is old and very hard to find, but pretty fun:

    And here's a newer, less exciting flash game:
  • Jakeh
    Is that so. Thank you very much for the help. I'll try those ^^
  • zeto
    don't listen to them. you gotta do it the hard way. by grinding practice every day.
  • mog86uk
    ゼトさん, please at least explain what this 'hard way' 'grinding practice' is, lol.

    I said I wrote the kana tables out from memory whenever I was bored in class (i.e. every day). What's this 'hard way' you speak of?
    I guess maybe doing the いろは tables would have made it harder, but what's the point in that? :P
  • zeto
    honestly i don't even know what i'm talking about. まったく。。。ごめん。Maybe what you were doing everyday would suffice to my standards. oh, i remember that's what I did too when I was still studying kana.
  • Tinker
    What about Anki? It's a flashcard program I used for Kana and now use for Kanji. It's a great tool not only for kana, that's why I think you should try it out. It wasn't really hard to figure out either (only the reset cards that is a pain since Anki 2). On their site you will find all sort of deck for japanese learning (I used Japanese Kana and now RTK's french version)

    Hope that help,

    Tinker :)
  • Jakeh
    ^^ I'll try that out too ^^. Thank you :)
  • egaloli
    There is a book "Remembering kana" or something like that. It helped me the most. Later on, if you have smartphone, Obenkyo is a great app for revising it ^^
  • Jakeh
    Oh, I've always been interested in trying out some apps. I'll try that! Thank you :)
  • kireinacherrie
    im new here too :) maybe we can help each other. my hiragana is pretty good, but i need serious help on katakana and kanji.
  • jwade100
    If you have an i-phone or android, try Dr. Moku. Using mnemonics they have created you will learn hiragana and katakana very fast. Katakana was hard for me to remember but with Dr Moku the mnemonics help a LOT. There are many other card systems using SRS such as sticky kana which are good too.