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折木さん、私は気になります! ;) Welcome here on JCJP! Wow, anata wa hayai ne! - Feed Post from Vortrex to zilaliz

折木さん、私は気になります! ;)

Welcome here on JCJP!
Wow, anata wa hayai ne!
posted by Vortrex

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  • zilaliz
    Haha, 千反田さん's catchphrase! 氷菓の大ファンです!

    Thank you! I'm so glad to be here :)
    Iie, mada mada desu.
    Demo arigatou gozaimasu! Anata mo sugoi desu ne! :O
  • Vortrex
    Yeah, i love Hyouka too.
    But you should rush too much, first get 150+ combo with lvl 1 and then with lvl 2, etc.

    So, what animes do you watch?
  • Vortrex
    Wait, i think you're doing fine, cause you have only a few mistakes with vocabu! -.-
    Sore wa yappari sugoi score desu ne!
  • zilaliz
    Oh, I see. I was just doing what was on the to-do list. Arigatou gozaimasu! :D

    I haven't actually watched a lot, but personally I like school-themed animes like Clannad and Hyouka. What about you?
  • Vortrex
    Yes, school-animes are really fun! :P
    But i still don't have a real favorites list
    Because I haven't watched all animes that i want to.

    I should recommend these: Tonari no Kaibutsu and Chuunibyou, Bleach/Naruto, Nichijou :P, Sakurasou, Haganai and Henneko!

    Almost all my good school animes.
  • zilaliz
    I'm sorry for the late reply! Wow, thanks for the recommendations! I'll check them out! You've watched a lot of animes :D
  • Vortrex
    Well, this isn't thaat much! :P