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New JCJP is open for public beta now. Check it out at - Feed Post by beeant

New JCJP is open for public beta now. Check it out at http://beta.japaneseclass.jp:3000
Please feel free to share and discuss your opinion on the feeds section of BETA JCJP.

note: any activity on the BETA page would not affect your profile/statistics in the current version of JCJP, and also after the new JCJP is released.

Thank you :)
posted by beeant

Comments 4

  • arjey100
    If the jcjp site changes, will my level from here carry over?
  • beeant
    Yes, all you statistics and other data will be carried over. don't worry.
  • Unkokun
    I hope there will be new levels...I still use the site heavily every day even though I struggle to get less than a couple hundred points these days.
  • beeant
    Thank you very much for using JCJP on daily basis. New levels would definitely be added, I'm planning to release new levels along with new jcjp, but I cannot promise you. but once again, new levels would definitely be added.