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I had a big fight with my mom about asian music well the guys (k-pop) and how they look. I am a… - Feed Post by gracue02

I had a big fight with my mom about asian music well the guys (k-pop) and how they look. I am a christian and my mom said they look to feminine (the male celebrities) and now am banned from all asian music and got in trouble for trying to learn korean. I don't know what to do know but their was this one time I was listening to Perfume (j-pop group) and my mom came over and said one day you are going to marry a japanese man and the started doing the ching chong stuff. I was young back then so I laughed but now I regret it. So what do i do now to snap some sense into her show here some k-pop songs since I am more familiar with them. Please be careful with your words I am not giving my age out but I am not even 13 yet. Please respond
posted by gracue02

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  • arjey100
    Don't think about it too much.
  • mog86uk
    It's kinda strange choosing a Japanese learning website to talk about Korean and Chinese music. I'm not sure how much notice and help you'll receive, but everyone has been pretty quiet here recently, so I'll try to respond anyway.

    I hardly ever listen to K-pop music and know very little about it. I am a Christian though and kind of understand your mum a little, although she seems to be overreacting a LOT towards k-pop, considering what the content of much western pop music is like.

    South Korea population has quite a big Christian percentage, roughly:
    ~ 46% no religion
    ~ 29% Christian (2/3 Protestant, 1/3 Catholic)
    ~ 23% Buddhist.

    You could try to find some Christian K-pop music and show that to your mum. Another thing to mention to your mum is that a lot of K-pop group members say they are Christians. Siwon from the group Super Junior is very outspoken about his Christian beliefs. He also doesn't look girly either! ^^
  • REI0
    Difficult situation man! But in any case don't give up and you have to know that the one who has the problem is your mum, that she still loves you anyway etc... so... and not you. Unfortunately I don't know any advices to give you, just keep it up! Ok?
  • gracue02
    Thanks guys but mom mom saw what i did and the coments and said i was being mean and macking her sound racist and that if she had a problem with me she would not tell the world and tell my dad oh and she said she never did this ehich i know she did and my dad judt follows what my mom will say but he said he on believes what is right then why is he not believing me? More advice please anyone have the same experience with j-pop or c-pop that stuff
  • REI0
    I repet. Your mother does what she does only because she cares about you, so, I know it's difficult dealing with parents in situations like this and don' expect to find in these comments an immediate solution to your problem, just be patient and comprehensive with them without ever give up on your interests. This is the only advice that I can give you. Good luck and keep up!
  • Kuroi92
    As a fellow Christian, I think the main thing is for her to understand where you come from. And if she reads this comment, she needs to understand that you alone is responsible for your spiritually in the Lord. As well as she has to be responsible for her's. I listen to j-pop and stuff, but I have a limit, especially if its not good. But she's entitled to her own opinions and convictions, but it still doesn't mean it's right. I should know because I had the same issue. So fight for whats right, because God will hold parents accountable for how they treat their children. That's why its says even for fathers to not provoke their children to anger, or else they will depart. I decided to learn Japanese because I knew this is what I needed to do. I'm only speaking the truth. At least your doing something productive.

    For your mom/dad: Please understand that your daughter is not trying to defy you or go against the faith. You have to learn to let your daughter make mistakes and at the same time enjoy what she feels connected to. If not, they can go wild the moment they have freedom to do so. You never know, God may use her for something miraculous. Even with me. I'm almost 22 and I myself as a Christian produce music for my animations, and look forward to move to Japan. There are pros and cons in everything. Better this then looking to get attention from guys and God forbid they compromise her faith and worse, her innocence. Japanese and doing music kept me from serious trouble. Best Regards
  • gracue02
    Kuroi92 you said you had the same problem how did you deal with it especially with the guys wearing makeup Mom and Dad say it's not right and God does not like men being feminine even though I keep telling them it's culture difference and not everything revolves around western countries. The only person I can say who takes it to far is Ren from NU'EST(my NU'EST bias) but his personality is SOOOO not girly at all.
  • gracue02
    OH and yea one more question for today my mom got mad about me and has banned me from all asian music and I was even yelled at for learning a asian language. Is this right or has she gone too far?
  • Kuroi92
    To answer your first question;I had to learn to deal with it by simply telling my parents (mom at the time) that I have a desire to live in Japan. I knew this since I was in the first grade that someday, maybe sooner from now that I would leave to go there. Animations can be used for good and evil. Just like those who would use the Bible to discriminate other Christians when their doing the same sin. As far as K-pop, I'm not entirely familiar with how they work. But one thing for sure. Asian music, wither Japanese, Chinese or Korean is still ranked as secular in any music that is not praising God. That's the main thing with our faith. But as I said before, I literally make music. And as secular as it may sound, even my own aunt (who took music theory and also a follow Christian and psalmist can put words together as lyrics for music.)

    Once again, men usually have make up on to bring out their physical appearances. Its like instant Photoshop in real life without the computer. They do the same thing even in Film studios here in the U.S too. But that doesn't make them feminine. Its part of their job. Christian actors do the same, except they have special makeup to help conceal blemishes,etc. The only thing that I can say is for your parents to become more quaint with the culture and try to have a better understanding of what it is. Not everything is bad, but boundaries do have to be set. Just be careful and be more aware of what your watching and listening to. Do more research to help you use proper judgement.




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