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Hey beeant ^_^ I was wondering if you are planning on doing any changes to the reading… - Feed Post from bluwy to beeant

Hey beeant ^_^
I was wondering if you are planning on doing any changes to the reading section. There is a site called www.vocabulary.com that teach English words. They are delivering sentences that appeared on newspaper sites and teach the words with those examples. I think it's helpful to see the usages.
Thank again for all your hard work.
posted by bluwy

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  • beeant
    Hello bluwy,

    Thank you very much for your suggestion. I'm passionate to make JCJP much better, keep on improving many things gradually. http://vocabulary.com, it's really great. Also, I have many other plans, based on my ideas and also from many suggestions from users like you.

    However, I just left my job 2 months ago to focus on JCJP and other projects. and I'm currently living off savings with no income. I'm kind of lost and not sure on what to do right now, which direction should I take.

    I have been investing my time, money and energy for JapaneseClass.jp. I'm happy to develop JapaneseClass.jp, however, I need some financial support to live too. I have been thinking of ways to keep JapaneseClass.jp running, and also for free. I also think that, no matter what JapaneseClass.jp needs to be monetized somehow. As I love building community, so I don't want to charge for monthly subscriptions. Because if I charge for monthly subscription, some users might not be using JapaneseClass.jp anymore.

    The solution that I could think of right now, is to invest my time to build other project, to build synergy to support JapaneseClass.jp.
    I also hope for more donators in JapaneseClass.jp. I hope that the donation could be like a crowd funding. With financial support, I can have more focus to work on JCJP and also other projects. I hope the day will come soon.

    So as for big changes like the reading section, I love the idea, please be a little bit more patient. I have to work harder.

    Thank you very much for using JapaneseClass.jp, also your appreciation for JapaneseClass.jp. I will work harder. Please give me some time to make the changes.