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What happened with the LINE Japanese Chat? Some random user took over the… - Feed Post by djgrs

What happened with the LINE Japanese Chat?

Some random user took over the channel and wiped us out?
posted by djgrs

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  • arbalasquide
    Sadly, yes. I realized too late and the person had already removed everyone out of the chat. Apparently in LINE, anyone can join a Group Chat and remove or add anyone and that wasn't to my knowledge.
  • Kumano_Timu
    じゃ新しいグループを作りましょうね~ 良いかな?
  • mog86uk
    If you join a LINE group, another thing it lets you edit is the name of the group. I've never figured out whether this changes the name is displayed as on just your own screen, or if it changes the actual name of the group for everyone else too. I joined a LINE group while I was in Japan, but really want to change how the name appears on my phone, but not if it changes it for everyone else...

    I think some people might have a similar confusion about adding/deleting members, about whether you are just doing it on your own screen or for the actual group. ...Or maybe I'm just being too nice and naive, and that the random user really did do that intentionally. XD

    (I'd really like to know the answer for my group name changing question still though...) :P
  • djgrs
    Boohoo, it was fun =(

    The only way is to create a new private chat, putting back the active members
  • arbalasquide
    I would create a new chat group but it would have to be in a different app to prevent that from happening again. Any suggestions?
  • arbalasquide
    Also, if the JCJP chat were more active, people could probably talk in Japanese there more often. So how about we try doing it on the chat here. I know some people would enjoy the chat being more lively.
  • djgrs
    Ok by me
  • Kumano_Timu
    I think the Japanese social network app mixi has a group chat, im not shure though. I know that whatsapp is possible because the administrator must create the room and then add people. No one except the administrator can chang things. If you get tired of taking care of the chat you can make some one a second admin.
  • djgrs
    Discord is a excellent chat app. You can use in PCs or smartphones, and it's light in RAM memory usage.

    I can say I uninstalled Skype because of him.
  • arbalasquide
    I took the liberty on creating a discord server

    Anyone can join no matter what skill of Japanese they are

    Just go on that link to join it or send me a friend-request at jigermooV2#5817 in discord and I'll add you.
  • djgrs
    oh yes!
    now we're talking
  • TheWok
    That sounds like fun! I need to install discord again.