I nodded. I struggled to hold back my moans as his finger moved inside my pussy https://livesex.bar/ . I was hungry for his cock. He removed his finger and ushered me off the lift wahen we stopped at our floor. I grabbed him and we kissed forcefully the second the door shut behind us. I unbuttoned his shirt slowly making my way to the top of his jeans. I removed his belt and unbuttoned his pants. I looked up at Daddy and he pulled me in for a kiss, sucking my tongue. He nibbled away at my neck and breathed in my scent https://sexchat.bar/ . I could sense that it drove him crazy as he growled. I sunk to my knees and looked up at him as I pulled his boxers down to reveal his hard cock. My mouth watered uncontrollably.

I grabbed Daddy's big cock with both hands and slowly kissed the tip. I flicked my tongue against his cock and sucked it. I grazed my nails slowly against his balls as I felt his cock hit the back of my throat. I eagerly sucked his cock ignoring the tears running down my cheeks. Daddy grabbed a fist full of my hair as he fucked my whore mouth and carefully slapped my face. I loved it when he was rough with me. I spat on Daddy's cock and swirled my tongue around the tip making my way to his balls. I eagerly sucked them as I stroked Daddy's big cock. When did I become so naughty https://sexcam.bar/ ?! I heard his breath hitch as he pulled me up and pushed me onto the bed.


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