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Resource list for new japanese learners:

Niji show (www.myniji.tv): A fantastic source for some japanese listening comprehension and entertainment. It's a free program that you can easily sign up for. The program is installed to your computer, you login with your account information, and then you have free japanese television with 11 different channels to choose from.

https://www.erin.ne.jp/en/ (Grammar, vocab, and culture lessons. An absolutely helpful tool for people who are just starting out with japanese, and also useful for people who know a good amount because it can help with hearing comprehension a lot)

http://www3.nhk.or.jp/news/easy/index.html (Japanese news that comes with a transcript, perfect for reading and hearing comprehension practice)

ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/特別:おまかせ表示 (This link will take you to any random article on the japanese wikipedia. This is very difficult as it takes a very large amount of Kanji and Vocab to be able to read these articles, but if you're up for a challenge it's a good way to practice reading)

http://beta.jisho.org/ (This is an online japanese dictionary that does a lot more than just look up words, it will help break sentances down for you and give you furigana to help you read the sentances. EXTREMELY USEFUL)

Google Chrome extension: Rikaikun (This is perfect for on the fly learning because it will show you the meaning of words that you hover over and will provide readings for kanji, THIS IS AN ABSOLUTE MUST HAVE FOR ANY JAPANESE LEARNER)

Firefox extension: Rikaichan (Same as Rikaikun, but for firefox)

http://www.nicovideo.jp/ (This is basically Japanese youtube, go here for when you want to laugh and when you want to have some more japanese exposure)


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