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Resources I suggest: /// Grooveshark broadcasting of my favorite japanese pop, rock, and anime music. /// Learn hiragana and katakana - I suggest trying with different fonts if you're already good at them /// Learn Hiragana with funny mnemonics /// Learn Katakana with funny mnemonics /// Study and quiz kanji and vocab, or meanings and readings as well /// Collection of flash tests and kana/kanji/vocab learning, etc cetera /// Kana and VOCAB kanji study within sentences (learning vocab ≠ learning kanji) /// Free software for kana and kanji / vocab by grades. You can unlock more by donating $1. /// Really fun and detailed skits that provide Kanji, Kana, Romaji and English translations (selectable by you) /// Silly (and slightly offensive) way to learn Kanji by the radicals /// Student Module PDFs appear to be taught by a class. /// Japanese superhighway - covers everything you would ever need to know. You'll learn something new even in the kana section /// Steam game where you are placed inside a home and learn every single item within view. $10, and very thorough /// TEST your kanji knowledge, not easy to learn from /// Talk with native Japanese speakers, ask questions, or test your fluency! /// Free android app uses spaced repetition to teach you kanji and vocab by JLPT N5-1 or, by grades 1-6. It motivates you with percentages of how much you've completed. /// Free android app that forces you to know spelling of a kanji by tricking you with similar spelling of kanji! It motivates you to play 10 minutes a day with charts of your learning. /// Japanese children's website /// Example stories for JLPT test /// Genki books online /// Flash card software. I suggest getting Japanese Coach DS vocabulary, as well as other premade flashcards.

>>> /// My Japanese Coach Vocabulary Anki - Beginners

>>> /// Genki 1&2 vocabulary Anki - Intermediate

>>> /// Japanese Core 2000 Step 01 Listening Sentence Vocab + Images Anki - Advanced

Good luck!


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