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Yay now I fixed my profile picture! :D
My name is actually Ivana, but I call myself as Hoshi Osaki because I really love this name, and it means something deep for me :3
When I move to Japan, I want all the help
I need to change my name. I am a
person who is down to earth, and I mostly care about ghosts and the illusions and the
person within the people, I also care about
how important death could be, if you don´t die in peace, your body won´t rest in peace.
The mind is amazing, so I would love to practice on how I can boost myself with the Japanese masters, they could be samurais, ninjas or Shinto monks. The soul is important, if you know how to control your own soul, you´re a free spirit. If you know how
to handle your spirit, you are a free spirit. If you have studying yourself with the soul, your education will grow strong :) that´s how I want to prosper myself.
Those people who think of "I don´t care, whatever" that´s when your mind loses it, they are those people who
can´t afford abundance. I really love Hayao Miyazaki films, it´s sad.. that he passed away. Totoro is just like me, I mean
he is one with the nature, he is lazy(like me)
he is sooo cute, he is down to earth and he is *-* sugoi!!
Princess Mononoke is also another part of me, but I must be careful in which battle I am dealing with in this world.. I hope Japan understands me, it feels like if Hayao Miyazaki has made me a world of his imagniation, I am a part of those experiences which Hayao Miyazaki had created. I can consider to that because I believe and I am a dreamer.
Those are the examples of how being I am, that I am, except for that spirit thing and monks and Shinto, because I pay respect to them by saying: Thank you.
I only have to take and finish my own qualifications in the world of Sweden. I am in "IV school" or should I say "special school" which can lead me to a folkuniversity school (almost like collage) a folkuniversity which I can travel with, travel university something like that.
Because I need to see the world first, and I must train myself in that journey.
I am a female who lives in Sweden. I want to move to Japan for some reasons:
Health, grattitude, grace, love, free, being strong. If I have so much to give, why is my body so weird? I´m sorry for wasting time but let´s be positive. I´m a student here on this website. Yoroshiku onegai shimasu ♥ Hoshi Osaki is obviously something about "star your destination" and this meaning has a very special call into me and my journey on mother earth before I can travel the stars. This is my faith that I am believing in, I will never lose this beauty of how impossible I can become.

I love reading, but I dislikes fiction sorry.
Fictions are for the disbelievers, and they can be dangerous.. it depends on how the mind reacts to it, and it depends on what the story is about.
This needs a very focusing job on the math, and history and misery of these characters you give and their mission to the fiction which
makes the fiction becoming more like a story or a book.

I like to listen to Christina Aguilera because her voice makes me wanna study on how she can handle her vocals with a Beyoncé mix.

I love reading but I don´t give my waste of time on fighting through it. Fighting
about what has been written is just a waste of time. But fighting on what has been said is ..something bizarre and very forced energy which gives the darkness to rise.
Ya follow me? This is what gives me to think of to being careful with.

I love anime, everytime I watch anime I can learn something new.
Anime is amazing to watch.
My favourite idol and my friend of this world who ever existed is Michael Jackson :)
Thank you, thank you, thank you for this bliss. This is how I can prosper too :)
My friends could also be those supernatural beings. Call me crazy but that doesn´t makes you smart enough ;)
I thought of Michael Jackson as a God.. because I see the God in him, but nah nah nah hold on, he is a friend of down to earth :) He makes me feel so emotional ;A; ♥

I pay my respect.
It maybe sounds soft for you, but actually it is very strong if you got beliefs in spiritual strength.
Hayao Miyazaki is very known for Spirited away, that feels like home for me ♥
And that´s where I want to be :)
Arigatougozaimasu. See you in Japan, please save me. Come together for the better :) that can change the world. I trust this journey so curiously. ♥


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