Currently teaching English in Hokkaido!

I plan on taking the N2 next summer (2018) :) Or maybe N1 - who knows! My last semester was very busy, but I'm back on the JLPT grind!!
B.A. class of 2017. Learning Japanese to improve my English lessons with Japanese speakers; and help English speakers through my twitter account and blog.

Passed the 2015 N3 because of this site, Memrise, FluentU, and lots of Detective Conan! Haven't studies as much since the school year began. Getting back on track in 2017.

"Little by little goes a long way!"

Old blog posts at http://owlnihongo.blogspot.com/


grade A+
1562/2153 vocabularies learned

grade A
727/2032 kanji learned


grade B+
126 vocabularies learned


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