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Japanese culture has always interested me and I am deciding to learn the language on my own since I do not have any tutors or classes available for it at the moment. My favorite things about Japanese culture is the anime and its music.

I am also a musician who plays violin, piano, and also compose music. Occasionally, I also write and read. I am also planning to be a composer in Japan someday despite being a foreigner.

Well my mind tends to wander...like a lot. I am always imagining things and always creating new songs in my head. Despite this, I tend to be quite the silent type when in front of others or occasionally with groups of people. Although when I do talk, people say I am funny because of my...how can I say it? Crazy talk? Gibberish?

At first I took Japanese in school but due to certain circumstances, I dropped out of it because I would no longer learn anything from the class anymore. I thought that I should just wait to learn Japanese. But as a famous person said, "If not now, when." Now I am practicing Japanese everyday and immersing myself in the language. It is hard and there are always obstacles but I push forward every day.

Because if I don't, then when?

Also, I hate clowns.


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550/2153 vocabularies learned

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