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I am attempting to learn Japanese, as we all are, and hope to be able to form basic, grammatically correct sentences, hold a decent conversation and be able to read some Japanese by the end of the next academic year. And maybe re-write this 'about section' in Japanese. I dunno if that goal is too big or too small, but I hope to achieve that. I mean, I haven't learnt Kana yet XD. Although I find it annoying, I should.

I'm willing to chat with people and have study groups with others, Skype or messaging. I don't mind. The only issue is A) I have school and B) I live in England and can't stay up too late, so it would be nice to be around the same timezone to instantly get replies from each other. However, I don't mind just simple messaging. Do I even make sense?

Have a great day or night.
~ Marcey


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