Really, really sorry for the down time! >.< - Feed Post by beeant

Really, really sorry for the down time! >.<
posted by beeant

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  • Yoshipon
    Was it due to maintenance?
  • mog86uk
    I managed to remain rank 2 for two days thanks to the downtime. Thanks for the site going down after I'd caught back up with wiggly, as I'd now be a very long way behind if it went down just a few hours earlier than it did. :P
  • Yoshipon
    I see, hope people keep donating to improve the site, I managed to donate a bit with another e-mail, but the conversion rate to Brazil is like 1 dolar = 3 brazilian reais, so it's realy expensive here ( ˃̣̣̥ω˂̣̣̥ ).
  • beeant
    @mog86uk oh lol. you're rank 3 now hahah..

    @Yoshipon The server was out of storage space.. :(