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Sorry, I'm a pain in the ass, but look at this Kanji practice: 制服 - Feed Post from spanz to beeant

Sorry, I'm a pain in the ass, but look at this Kanji practice:


Do you see something wrong? あたり!
The first and fourth answers are the same (the correct one). I'm going to choose the first one...
Wait a minute... Correct answer! よかった!XD
posted by spanz

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  • mog86uk
    On the other hand, I guess posts dating back to the Stone Age of JCJP can now be resurrected? (I'm definitely not sure about whether this is a good thing; just testing if it actually affects posts that are this old... Might not actually work?)

    This post Spanz wrote on your "Comment Box" almost 6 years ago is interesting, given that the thing he mentioned was finally fixed only 3 days ago, haha.

    (I'm hoping Spanz gets a reply notification email from me doing this, so he might come back to the site and check out why he got an email, but I guess my reply is too late for that to work?) :D
  • mog86uk
    Oh wait, the question Spanz mentioned is actually a different one. The one fixed recently was 資本 with two "せいふく" incorrect answers...

    Well that ruined the effect of choosing this post to test with. Still, was a good excuse to indirectly test if he gets a notification email. :P
  • mog86uk
    http://snag.gy/s67Mi.jpg - Was I given the question in this screenshot just now as some kind of payback for being awkward resurrecting this post? haha :P
  • LD_13anime
  • LD_13anime
    n o