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Yo beeant! I'm coming up on your rank >=D eheh but I'm not here to gloat, I came across a… - Feed Post from StonerPenguin to beeant

Yo beeant! I'm coming up on your rank >=D eheh but I'm not here to gloat, I came across a problem which caused me to break my combo and lose my A+ on my vocab stats D': I was supposed to pick "To discount" and none of the options were it, so I had to guess, picking two wrong choices and it said the answer was まける. That's definitely not right, right? Makeru = 負ける = 'to be defeated', yes? And the answer should have been 割り引く.

Also, how come it says you're from Indonesia? I thought you were living in Japan at the moment. Or are you using a proxy?

Sorry for all the questions =P Thanks man. :)
posted by StonerPenguin

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  • StonerPenguin
    I came across まける for 'to discount' again in the time challenge too, and I've also checked on tangorin.com, the only makeru they have is for 'defeat', however they do have an example sentence in which makerareru is used to mean 'to lower the price' e.g. "10ドルにまけられますか。" = "Can you lower the price to ten dollars?"
  • StonerPenguin
    Crap, hit send too soon. Anywho, as I've personally only seen makeru to mean defeated, maybe you can change the definition to be "to lower, to be defeated" that makes sense because then we know that まけられる is the intransitive form meaning 'to be lowered'.
  • StonerPenguin
    ACK! Makeru already is intransitive! I'm a retard :P It's uber late here I should go to bed before I make myself look even stupider D:
  • spanz
    Apart from the retard part (I'm way stupider than her), I agree with StonerPenguin.
    まける = Makeru = 負ける = 'to be defeated'.
  • beeant

    I'm sorry for my late reply.
    I'm currently on holiday in Indonesia. It's kind of difficult to get connected to the Internet in here.

    Some Japanese words are confusing because it may have several different meaning. but if you think into a deeper meaning it can be similar. like discount and defeat, its kind of similar isn't it? metamorphically speaking...

    I will be back to Japan in about a month, I may work on some big fixes or small fixes on JCJP depending on the internet condition in Indonesia :(
    Hopefully it can be better.

    Thank You.