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Hello Everyone! 明けましておめでとうございます!🎍 It's been a… - Feed Post by beeant

Hello Everyone!


It's been a while since the last update of JapaneseClass.jp.

Now, we finally have our first Android App release!

This first release will have the basic features for you to get started to learn Japanese and continue your Japanese learning on mobile app.

The available features are as follow:
- To do list
- Lessons, levels, and chapters.
- Practice and quizzes
- Ranking
- User statistics

iPhone App and other new features will be coming out soon! 📱

Thank you for using JapaneseClass.jp!
posted by beeant

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  • aledda
    That's great! Thank you!
  • beeant
    You're welcome! Thank you :)
    Please let me know if you found and problem or have any suggestions! :)
  • Ic3phantom
    Thank you for releasing it to Android!
  • AbMichael
    Thank you!!
  • beeant
    @Ic3phantom and @AbMichael
    You're welcome! Thank you for using JCJP!
    I hope you like the App. Please let me know if you found any problem or have any suggestion!
  • mog86uk
    Awesome! Congrats @beeant on the release of the app! It seems to be working great!

    One thing that would be nice is if app users could also be shown in the "Online Users" list here on the website. I noticed that the last question I answered in the app does get shown in "Latest Vocabulary Encounters" here on the website, but only if I refresh the webpage immediately after answering the question. It doesn't automatically update activity coming from the app. It would be cool if these showed app users' live activity here on the website, the same as how it does for website users' live activity.

    (Also, I'm very glad to see the Social Feeds posting bug from August 2019 has been fixed! No one was able to post any new posts since that time. Now that it has been fixed, all the posts from these last couple of years that failed to send have suddenly all appeared at once! So many posts just saying "test", lol. Great to see the social feeds is coming back to life!) ^^
  • beeant
    Thank you as always @mog86uk

    Yes, there is no real time feature on the app yet right now. I am aware that real time feature is one of the most important features for the app. I am currently working on that right now.

    Yes, just realized about that old critical bug on the social feeds when I was posting the Android app release announcement.. Should've fixed that long time ago..

    Please look forward to the new exciting features coming for the app!
  • notchad
    Good stuff! I'm looking forward to the iPhone app. Thank you for this great site.
  • beeant
    Thank you for coming back to JapaneseClass.jp @notchad!
    I am currently working on the Social Feeds for the App. The iPhone app will be released along with the Social Feeds feature. Please look forward to it!
  • bluwy
    Thanks so much for the app, beeant. I loved using the site back then. It is so good to see that it is back on an app. ^_^
  • chansoriya
    Excited~ I like the mobile version, today I'm trying the desktop version on the laptop. I hope the apple app is similar to the mobile page. I like little to no distractions. Thanks for all your hard work!
  • beeant
    @bluwy you're welcome! thank you for coming back to JCJP and checking out the app. Please let me know if you have any problem or suggestions.
  • beeant
    @chansoriya I am currently working on the Social Feeds features on mobile. You're welcome! thank you for using JCJP! :)
  • bluwy
    @beeant "Multuple Choice Options" has to be corrected as "Multiple Choice Options". Also, it would be great if the app remembers the unticked choices when you open the app later.
  • beeant
    @bluwy thank you very much for the report! I just fixed the typo issue, and will be fixed in the next release along with the Social Feeds for the app. I will fix the settings preference too.