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Hi beeant! Actually, at the time I hadn't donated, I was asking *how* to donate, but I found it on… - Feed Post from StonerPenguin to beeant

Hi beeant! Actually, at the time I hadn't donated, I was asking *how* to donate, but I found it on the front page- can't believe I missed it, how dumb of me lol

Anywho, I couldn't see how to adjust the value of my donation, so I made like 10 donations of 277 yen :P

And no gift is necessary, I'm glad to donate, using this site is a good gift in itself :D

Something that I think would be a good update would be to add a way for users to make their own vocab lists, like the ones we can make for videos, buut I'm not a programmer and I have no idea how difficult this would be. I know that college is very stressful, and I don't know how you manage both keeping this site up and your studies! So keep on with your studies, updates can wait. Congrats on making it to your final year ;)

Btw, if you're too busy, I'd gladly volunteer to make level 6 vocab and kanji lists for you based on the JLPT 2 lists (I'm gonna take it this December and using this site would be the ideal way to practice for it =D)

Sorry if this seems like too much, you just told me you were busy and I dump all this on ya D': makes me seem unsympathetic. Sorry, I've been meaning donate and give these suggestions for a while. But, I'm very patient, so no rush at all man.
posted by StonerPenguin

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  • beeant
    Thank you very much for your donation, you are the first one who donated to JCJP. I will put you on the donator list.

    Maybe there are many people who missed the donation button, not just you haha. I want to keep it hidden as I think it may be annoying for some users.

    Ya, I did not know that the donator would be someone generous like you. So I put a fixed amount of 277円. but I just changed the donation system to be any amount the donator want. Thank you for making effort to click and click for 10 intervals of donation.

    Thank you so much for your generosity for not expecting something back from your donation. But I will still give you something special in the future.

    Ya it is difficult to do everything together at the same time. I did not do good for my college last semester, so this semester I will put most of my time for my college.

    I will try to make that feature ASAP, maybe around this month or next month or anytime before December 2010.

    Thank You,
  • StonerPenguin
    You're so cool! :'D Best of luck this semester. がんばってね〜!