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Good morning! I see you've been on here for about a week but I'll say 'Welcome to JCJP!' anyway… - Feed Post from StonerPenguin to versacepanda

Good morning! I see you've been on here for about a week but I'll say 'Welcome to JCJP!' anyway lol :P

I'm a little surprised to see that you're only doing kanji, but lots of people only do vocab and no kanji so it's all good. :D Also, there's a great site called tangorin (http://tangorin.com/) It's a English-Japanese dictionary with example sentences for most of the entries, I find that seeing a new word with a bunch of example sentences helps me remember the meaning much better, so use it if you feel like it. ;)

Anywho, sorry for the rambling, good luck with your studies, hope you enjoy JCJP!
posted by StonerPenguin

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  • versacepanda
    good morning!

    thank you very much !

    i will use the site you have given me :) .

    also yes i like kanji but i kind of figured i should have done vocab first lol .

    i am still a beginner ! ;)
  • StonerPenguin
    Yay! Glad to help, even though you're a beginner it's good to see that you can read in hiragana already :O I've seen a few newbies on here calling hiragana 'kanji', saying 'all the answers are in kanji, I want English characters!' lol. Learning to read in hiragana and katakana is a big first step to mastering Japanese, you can read most kid's manga if you can read in hiragana since they use furigana (a kind of hiragana subtitle over kanji), so I'd say you're making good progress ;)

    Practice using the words you learn and you'll go far! You can practice making sentences Community>Groups>English section of this site and other users will help and correct you ;D Also, check out lang-8 (http://lang-8.com/) Very good for practicing and making Japanese friends, but it requires effort and here lately I haven't been using it much :P Although it's more for peeps at an intermediate level, I thought I should mention it anyway.

    Glad to meet another happy language student! Have a good day~☆ :D
  • versacepanda
    thank you :) haha
  • versacepanda