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Hey there! I see you finished the Smart.fm list I started, thank you! I meant to finish it sooner… - Feed Post from StonerPenguin to spanz

Hey there! I see you finished the Smart.fm list I started, thank you! I meant to finish it sooner :P I'm surprised you did it so fast, Good work! So do you have an account on smart.fm then? I just found out about it, it's great (Although I still have my loyalties to JCJP, which is why I was making a list to review Core 2000 on here since I love this site's simpler layout ;) If you have an account on there I'll follow ya :D Thanks again!
posted by StonerPenguin

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  • spanz
    No, you don't need a smart.fm account in order to be able to capture whatever goal's contents you want.
    And you can see also the smart.fm user's comments complaining about the difficulty of the goal. I just thought that if people think the goal is so difficult, it had to be interesting.
    In fact, that list seems overwhelming hard for me. I'm not a politician nor businessman/woman... Hahaha! I'm a spy, but don't tell it to anyone!

    I've asked beeant several times to change my Note ownership to you, but he's very busy (JCJP has a new server to play/fight with).
    Let me explain it: I can automate much of the process to upload the list, so it's not hard work for me.
    And the idea was yours, so you deserve the merit. And I can't stand still while you are suffering typing such a huge list (prone to errors, too!).
    I only typed one thing, and I'm not sure if it was a good idea (I guess not):
    よい 良い
    I know this is usually written using the Kana, but the Kanji do exists, and we have a Kanji field to fill, so I typed the Kanji. (In the other cases, I just repeated the Kana) Maybe we need an auxiliary field to comment things like "use Kana only". What do you think, must I delete the Kanji?

    What do you think of uploading the whole Core 2000 series? Is it worth it?
    (Of course, with the previous approbation from beeant!)
  • StonerPenguin
    Your secret is safe with me, secret spy spanz!:D Thank you for helping with your automated process, that's really handy ;) If you want to do the whole Core 2000 series, go ahead. Although keep in mind that the core series is based on the top 2000 words used in Japanese newspapers, so that's why the vocab for even the basic levels is so odd and not too useful for a beginner. But I'm planning on taking the JLPT and the Japanese DLPT this year so being able to read Japanese newspapers about stock prices and scandals and other business-y things might be pretty helpful. Smart.fm has another goal series called "Intermediate Japanese" AKA 'Core 6000' because it starts where Core 2000 left off, teaching the next top 4,000 words used in Japanese news papers to amount to 6,000 words total. And I know that a LOT to study but supposedly by the end of it you should be able to understand most written news articles.

    I leave it up to you, but I suppose any decision can wait until beeantさん implements a quiz feature (poor beeant, he does so much! D': I'm such a selfish poo for my requests...) About the credit and ownership thing, it's very nice that you'd want to give me credit, but that really isn't necessary, I'm just glad it's up. :) besides, your list is so nice and neat, I wouldn't change a thing. And I don't think deleting the kanji for 良い is needed, it's handy to know, and knowledge is power! (I couldn't resist, sorry :P ) There's been a few times where I've seen things usually written in kana alone written in kanji and it's really messed me up (when playing Japanese learning games or practice tests), like seeing 未だ instead of まだ. Knowing the kanji for these words can only make us better prepared! So it's all good ;)

    Oh dear, this is long... haha
  • spanz
    I forgot to mention I changed also a little thing (or not so little) in the Core2000 Note:
    I changed [Adjectival Noun] to [na-adj], and [Verbal Noun] to [suru-verb]. Perhaps that's not a big deal (I don't like calling them "Noun" very much), but that's what they are called in the smart.fm site.
    What do you prefer? I'm pretty sure they're equivalent names (for example, you used the suru-verb form in your note), but maybe we're wrong...

    And a cosmetic detail: I changed also the commas (,) to slashes (/) in order to avoid possible problems with my field separator (that's because I use a temporary comma-separated-values file format).
    Today, I've tested some fields including commas, and there's no problem at all, so I can revert all the slashes to commas again.

    Yes, I think it's better to wait for beeant.

    Oh, my! Core 6000?
    That's a really BIG vocabulary! I know some people with waaay smaller vocabulary in their own mother tongue.
    Do you plan to learn all the Core 6000 list?
    You're awesome! Good luck!

    What's "follow someone" in smart.fm?
  • StonerPenguin
    I actually really prefer the names you gave, a lot of Japanese dictionary sites call な-adjectives 'adjectival nouns' and it bugged the heck out of cuz I had no idea what they meant by it! It took me a long time to figure out that's what they were calling な-adjectives... and I don't like 'verbal noun' either.

    Whether or not the terms you and I chose are technically correct or not doesn't really matter; I think most students of Japanese will know what we mean. (I mean 'suru-verb' is hell of a lot clearer than 'verbal noun', that's for sure...)

    Also, the slashes are just fine, like I said before, your list is very nice and neat. I like your use of brackets ([]) too, very nice :) Overall, it's very eye-pleasing, so don't worry, you did good work.

    When you following someone on smart.fm you can track their progress, give them 'high fives' and comments and stuff, and they're placed in your friends list. It's kinda silly, I know haha. And yeah! 6000 words! I'm gonna cram my brains full 'til there's no room left! MUWAHAHA!!
  • spanz
    Thank you, I think I'll keep the note format as is.
    Haha, you're funny! Good luck with your brains!
    By the way, you have a perfect challenge score! すごい!
  • StonerPenguin
    Just a three second gap in our times! Good game :) And you know I think you're funny too bby~ hehehe

    Thank you for doing list 4 of Core 2000.

    By the way, I'm sorry I didn't respond sooner- I was afraid of responding back and forth too much, never-ending :O but it seemed kinda rude to not reply back haha :P

    Best of luck with your studies and brains too! You're still number 3 on the Challenge ranking 上手だ~!
  • spanz
    You're right. This is going to last forever, so consider this closed, but not before some more compliments:
    You're better & funnier than I am.

    Mwahaha! You can't reply now!