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Wow! That was fast Spanzくん! The whole core! Thank you for doing the individual lists like I… - Feed Post from StonerPenguin to spanz

Wow! That was fast Spanzくん! The whole core! Thank you for doing the individual lists like I suggested, you're so sweet ;D Well then, time to practice, practice, practice! :D
posted by StonerPenguin

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  • spanz
    いいえ、こちらこそ。 The merit is yours. This is only a little of dirty work.
    For the same price, I've made also The Big Note(TM) for brave people, but I had a little problem:
    The people at smart.fm have a repeated entry. (become [verb], なる, なる) appears in Core2000 Step1 and also in Core2000 Step2, so its name should be Core1999. Booo! ;P
    I changed the one in Step2 to (become [verb],なる,成る), so the name Core2000 is correct again (you cannot enter a repeated entry in a Note).
    I haven't checked all the words looking for missing Kanji as I did in Step3. Other than the なる case, I've changed only things like "adjectival noun" and such. And slashes instead of commas, of course!

    This Note is very hard for me right now, but I'm sure the bravest person here (Darknaviexe) isn't afraid at all. Hahahah!
  • Darknaviexe
    ! I am reading that! Are you telling me you just added 2000 kanji in here!? Where is this note you are speaking of!? You guys are making yourselves sound like wimps! Give me a link or location, whichever comes first!
  • spanz
    Hold your horses! I knew it! So you want to take The Big Note Quiz, uh?
    I guess it's difficult, but I'll try to guide you through this unfathomable maze...
    Look at the top menu.
  • Darknaviexe
    ...Thankfully, I also use http://www.smart.fm ! I am still trying to get in more lessons in a day, which StudyJP failed to believe. *charges buster* Time to get Kraken.
  • Darknaviexe
    ...Are you sure all 2000 kanji are in here? Really, I do not want this Note Quiz to hold back on me...
  • Darknaviexe
    What I just noticed: JCJP is 11 hours ahead of me...
  • Darknaviexe
    ...Both of you have Smart.fm !? Add!...
  • spanz
    Yes. The whole 2000 items in the Core2000 series. The SmallNotes are the Steps 1 to 10 (200 items each). It's a copy-makeup-paste, so all is in there.
    Note that there are way less than 2000 Kanji in the series. There are many entries without Kanji (Kana alone), and many Kanji repeated in compounds. In fact, there are:
    2604 Kanji (but only 1005 different ones)
    9260 Kana (7625 Hiragana and 1635 Katakana)
    So you can learn only 1005 Kanji from this list.

    Who's StudyJP?
    Time to get Kraken? What's that? O_o
  • spanz
    Nope. I'm not a Smart.fm member.
    The server uses now the Tokyo time. Previously, it used Chicago time.
  • Darknaviexe
    (9260 kana!? It's over 9000!!!!) StudyJP is an area I now battle against. They thought I was not studying Japanese, which I obviously am!...
  • spanz
    That's only a meaningless total (character by character) count, you know.

    Good luck with your battles, and beware of the Kraken!
  • Darknaviexe
    Big note test = Tougher than I hoped. At least I can keep retrying until I get it right!...which, hopefully, will not need too long...
  • Darknaviexe
    If I manage to successfully pass that note test without missing any questions, I will most likely receive extreme EXP!... Probably enough, combined with quizzes and practice quizzes, to update my level fairly quickly! After I reach Level 5, I can challenge navis freely! Hopefully, what I learn will stay in my memory this time!!...