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Hello there Spanz! :D Sorry I haven't been on in a while D: I'm cramming my brains with as much… - Feed Post from StonerPenguin to spanz

Hello there Spanz! :D Sorry I haven't been on in a while D: I'm cramming my brains with as much stuff as they will hold at the moment since I've got a big test coming up :p

Anyway, thank you for the compliments, you're making me blush~ XD For both gg and OMFGG I'm translating 心霊探偵八雲 (both the anime and manga) I currently haven't officially done anything yet but I've passed the translator test for both of them (and yeah, the fansubber one was waaay harder) :D I'll begin work on the Yakumo anime starting October 3 (cuz that's when the first episode comes out) and I'll translate the manga as soon the next volume comes in. The anime stuff is harder but fortunately I'll have Japanese closed captions! I recently found a site that has closed captions for a lot of anime and J-drama which is so super awesome. I give you links as soon as my stuff comes out. I'm really excited about it, I just hope I can keep up with all of it :P

So how have you been? Everything all good with you?
posted by StonerPenguin

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  • spanz
    I also was missing for many days due to familiar problems. No vacation for me this year :(

    I'm not totally free yet, but these last days I'm helping/annoying beeant to fix some bugs in the J-E dictionary.
    Thanks to him, I'm learning many things about PHP, but nothing about Japanese. (No complaints, it's fun!)

    I don't know 八雲. Do you like it?
    Did they give you some other works to choose?

    About the closed captions, that's cheating! You've officially lost some respect points, but if you give me the link to that subtitle's site, I'll admire you even more than ever! hahaha! (It's a joke, I always hold you in respect!);P

    I'm sure you can keep up with all. Just don't stress about it. Have fun, and everything will be fine.

    Japanese closed captions for anime & dorama! I think it's a great idea. I can't wait to see them!

    I've just googled a little and now I can watch 新参者 subtitled in Spanish and Japanese at the same time... and in the same place, too!
    Hahaha! Now I can learn Spanese! XD

    No, wait... with some adjustments, you can separate them properly. I think it's very interesting, if your brain doesn't explode!
    I'm going to try it a little... stay tuned!
  • spanz
    Well, it's not bad.
    I guess it's very good to be able to hear and read at the same time. It helps your reading abilities and it's good to sharpen your ears, too.
    About the comprehension, it's too fast for me (too many pauses and rewinds) and it takes away the watching experience. But I can manage it for a while without melting my brain.
    For a fansub translator, the subtitles have to be a blessing. Good luck, stoner!
  • StonerPenguin
    Well, having subs is a significant advantage but I passed the translator test without 'em! (Which was super hard, I had to listen to it over and over and painstakingly type out the whole script D: ) And then I read the manga in Japanese to get a feel for what the dialogue would be, made notes of the words I didn't know and even started typing a script based on the manga so I'd be ready for the anime. So I told the main recruiting/leader lady of gg what I was doing and she told me "I wouldn't worry too much about having a script. Yakumo airs on BS-NHK, which usually comes with closed captions." so I was really stoked and wished I'd knew sooner ;p Having subtitles will probably take out at least 3/4 of the translating time -- seriously XD.

    Also, glad to see you've got the subs working :D It's actually a bit too fast for me too but that's what the pause button is for! Besides, you can make a note here to practice the words you don't know :D

    BTW here's some caption sites I know about;


  • spanz
    Thank you for the links. I wish there were many more.
    About the J-captions I've seen until now, I'm amazed of their speed. Sometimes, they show only for a second, even if the sentence is long. The corresponding Spanish captions last usually longer.
    I guess Japanese people read very fast (and they're fast talkers, too!).
    Also, the J-captions are very accurate (at least, more than the Spanish ones in a Spanish movie!). They're not simplified at all, so they're great. I love them!

    I'm reading the Yakumo manga...
  • spanz
    The first volume of the Yakumo manga is interesting and kinda funny.
    I think you're lucky. There are many projects quite worse than this one. Have fun!