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is there any place where possible future directions for this site are listed or discussed? I'm… - Feed Post by zzzbra

is there any place where possible future directions for this site are listed or discussed? I'm curious as to whether there'll be new kanji after level five or new vocabulary after level six. also wondering whether or not there'll be new ways of testing and quizzing in the future other than multiple choice questions quizzing mere words instead of phrases.
posted by zzzbra

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  • spanz
    I often use this old thread for suggestions and bug reports: http://japaneseclass.jp/bulletin/thread/81
    but there are many other ones with discussions about JCJP's features or problems. I'm afraid we the users are pretty disorganized.
    Anyway, all you need is talk to beeant (the admin) in the thread above or in his box (or make another new thread if you feel it's worth).
    Beeant is responsible of all the things in the site (he's the awesome and only person working on it), so all it's up to him.
    About new levels of Kanji & Vocabulary, of course beeant wants to make them. Same with all sort of improvements like new tests / quizzes.
    Sadly, this seems to be a very bad moment to beeant. He's busy with the Uni and he's also job hunting and looking for ways to get funds to pay for the server fees and upgrade it when it's possible.

    tl;dr: Just wait, and feel free to suggest anything to beeant.
  • beeant
    Thanks a lot spanz.
    Right now I am trying to simplify the site. So I do not have to concern about many features of the site.

    I want to cut all the "not so used features" and improvise the most used feature in the site. Also enrich them with more database.

    I am really sorry for my late response and late progress.
  • zzzbra
    Oh no it's fine. Thank you both. If possible I'd just like to offer my own two cents and contribute in any way I can. Thanks for responding.