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Merry Christmas Spanz! Sorry for the late response > - Feed Post from StonerPenguin to spanz

Merry Christmas Spanz! Sorry for the late response >< Honestly, the translating work hasn't gone too well so I suppose I was a little embarrassed to respond D': But it's Christmas! Also, I finished the Big Note (and all the little notes; you can do it too Darknaviexe!) so I suppose it's time for Core 6000 notes. So yes, I would like to see your new note system, thank you so much all your great help with the notes. I hope you have a happy Christmas!
posted by StonerPenguin

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  • spanz
    Don't worry, and don't be embarrassed. I'm sure it was not your fault. You still have my admiration.
    Besides, I'm enjoying Yakumo.

    Eeeeh??? The entire Big Note???
    Awesome... I must try to do it, then. Do you hear that, Darknaviexe?

    About my Minimalist Note Uploader, a couple of questions:
    Are you using Windows?
    If not, do you dare to install a PHP interpreter?

    Merry Christmas to you, too!

    P.S: Did you pass the JLPT2 exam?
  • StonerPenguin
    I have Windows (actually I got a new laptop two weeks ago for my 20th birthday :D Windows 7 Yay!)

    I didn't take JLPT 2 since some experience Japanese learners told me that businesses only care about JLPT1, anything below that level isn't worth your time (annd I'd have to drive 3 hours just to get to the testing center...) so I'll wait til I can do Level 1!

    Thanks for your admiration :D The anime stuff didn't work out (the girl who ran it was pretty mean to me >< I may never try to fansub anime again... besides, I'm more of a J-drama fan anyway) but I still TL manga a little bit. ;) So how have you been?
  • spanz
    I have been fine, thanks, but I'm not studying lately.
    As usual, I've been annoying Beeant (he thinks again I'm a girl), I've reached 666666 Exp...
    Nothing to be proud. I'd like to study a lot in 2011...

    This is a link to my Windows Tool:
    The instructions are inside the zip.

    It's really easy to use, but it resolves only the last part of the problem (the uploading). The first part is capturing the data.

    If you have any problem preparing the file to upload, don't hesitate to tell me.


  • spanz
    EDIT: I've changed something and this is now the valid link:
    The old one is now invalid.