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スパンズさんもよいお年を。^_^ Thank you very much for your instructions! Sorry I didn't say so… - Feed Post from StonerPenguin to spanz

Thank you very much for your instructions! Sorry I didn't say so earlier. I haven't tinkered around with the list maker just yet since I'm was little busy with holiday stuff and I wanted to devote the time I spend on JCJP to get EXP! I wanted be in the top users this month DX Maybe next month.... Anyway, have a happy new year!
posted by StonerPenguin

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  • spanz
    Well, my uploader is so spartan that my instructions are quite useless. I like to explain things as best as possible (there's nothing user-proof), so my instructions are always toooooo long. Sorry!
    Please, tell me if you have questions or problems with the uploader.

    You were REALLY close to the podium! Wait for the antidoping controls. Maybe you still can reach the podium...
    If not, good luck next month! :P
  • StonerPenguin
    Antidoping controls? And Mr. Beeant said to keep your secret method 'quiet'? Is there secrecy afoot? lol I might still have a chance? Oh my!
  • StonerPenguin
    I tested the note maker!! It worked :D BTW how did you make the notes from smart.fm? I copied a list from their Intermediate core but it came out a little weird on NotePad... I know about the 'replace all' feature but how did you do the POS part? Did you type it all by hand O: ?
  • StonerPenguin
    Oh yeah, Thanks a ton!! It's quite a simple yet amazing application! Good work, you're so coooooool ;)
  • spanz
    Haha! There are no antidoping controls. I was just kidding! About my secret system, well, I can't talk about it, but don't worry; I won't use it so you still have all the chances.

    Notepad sucks. Avoid it.

    Sorry, I'm not at home now. I'll look at the smart.fm's format later. I don't remember well how I did it, but I didn't type a thing by hand.
    2000 POS by hand??? You must be joking!!!

    I'll try to prepare some instructions later (if I have time).

    No need to thank me. Sometimes, I like to build my own tools just for fun.

    See you!