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That [suggest translation]-Box is limited to 30 characters, which is here and there a little to… - Feed Post from KurisuKei to beeant

That [suggest translation]-Box is limited to 30 characters, which is here and there a little to less for us germans for translations. If it doesn't ruin the layout, maybe it can be 100?
posted by KurisuKei

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  • beeant
    Really? how come it requires so many characters...
    You don't need to explain,
    Keep it as short as possible, ( if it is possible) it really requires that many characters?
  • KurisuKei
    If there are 2 long synonyms, you have to decide for one because of that. Well 50 characters would be helpfull though~ Or I just use one synonym. No explanations are added, just single words and here and there a very short sentence if neccesarily. Germany is famous for it's many many words. :P
  • beeant
    Ya, actually I had complain before..
    I want to give you 50 characters limit if I change to be 50 characters, other languages will be 50 characters also :(

    How about keeping it short,
    I just tried to translate several words in Google translate, it is not that long..

    You do not need to explain, or add short sentence, short sentence will be in different section.

    I'm sorry for this.. :(

    can you give me example of which word do you want to translate?
  • KurisuKei
    for example:
    錯覚 in english: illusion, hallucination

    錯覚 in german: Sinnestäuschung, optische Täuschung

    I wasn't really explaining everything and I noticed the other section. Please cheer up~ :-)
  • spanz
    Is this 30 char limit new?
    I just discovered it yesterday!
    We have longer entries in the older lessons and all seems to be ok.
  • spanz
    I was talking about Spanish translations, but many English translations are also longer:
    to wear (on head), to put on, to pour water
    = 43 chars long.
  • spanz
    Look at this one:
    quickly, in a blink of time (in the time it takes to say, Ah!)
    =62 chars long in English

    If you want to include the last part, this is the shortest Spanish translation:
    rápidamente, (en el tiempo que cuesta decir Ah!)
    =48 chars long

    Why not 50 chars? :(
  • beeant
    I'm sorry for my slow slow response.

    I have fixed it to have 70 limit of maximum character length.

    I am really sorry for the ridiculous limit before :(

    Thank You for the suggestion
  • spanz
    Yay! Thanks!