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Anyone heard of - Feed Post by KurisuKei

Anyone heard of http://crystallize-online.com/ ?
posted by KurisuKei

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  • pemulaabis
  • KurisuKei
    It is still in very early development and not much to learn, but it looks very interesting.
  • Annick
    looks cool
  • Arachkid
    Will check that out at home.
  • Pikmin
    ah, i can't get it to work
  • beee_17
    Looks good! Downloading right now, let's see if it works.
  • OwlPrincess
    Wow, thanks for sharing this! I'll give it a try :)
  • Annick
    I selected "windowed" otherwise it was too large for my screen and I couldn't do anything. It's a little frustrating for some reasons but it's a good idea and I use it everyday for fun.
  • Arachkid
    It's not bad. Depending on how far you are in learning Japanese, it will be hard to go through to begin with, there should be an option to have it test you and let you skip what you already know. It also has some bugs, but it's free, as far as I've read, will continue to be so, and I wish this had been around when I first started learning.