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Hiya, You seem fairly active and live in same country as me so hoping that can help each other… - Feed Post from Mistwalker to Jadore_Violet

Hiya, You seem fairly active and live in same country as me so hoping that can help each other learn as should be on around the same time? ^_^ よろしくお願いします 
posted by Mistwalker

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  • Jadore_Violet
    konnichiwa mistwalker san ^_^ great name btw. sorry i have not replied but my lato recently broke down. i have got my brothers 1 for the day so i am just about to aceept your friend request and then do some much needed catch up. yoroshiku onegai shimasu
  • Mistwalker
    Un thank you very much. 'borrowed' it cos I got hooked on The Last Story :). 友だちのおねがい聞いてくれてありがとう。 私の名前スチュアートです。お名前は? どうぞよろしくおねがいします。日本語を勉強してがんばってね。 いつから日本語を勉強していますか?(ごめん、日本語を書くのがにがたです。- So i might make many errors) ^_^
  • Jadore_Violet
    *laptop not lato lol I just type to fast for my brain. I congratulate you for writing so much Japanese at once. I still find it difficult to put together practical sentences I do a lot of study online here and at www.livemocha.com I occasionally use genkijapan.net and various youtube vids. I go to an evening class once a week as well. sorry I only use my real name on the internet with those that i become really good friends with so you can call me Jadore or Violet or jv if you like I hope you don't find that weird of me ^_^. my Japanese reading still needs a LOT of improvement so sorry if I haven't responded to every thing in your comment.
  • Mistwalker
    donmai donmai. Gomen ne. I'm still not very skilled or fast at writing it (or reading for that matter) it's just really good practice and nice to speak with others learning the language. How long have you been studying for? Can i call you Chibi instead then? ;P JV...tabun to omoi imasu. thanks I'll check out those sites when i get some time.
  • Jadore_Violet
    ^-^ hai, chibi wa kawaii desu. oh and denshijisho.org is a briliant dictionary especially for kanji.
  • Mistwalker
    haha Chibi/Chibi-chan it is then ^_- lol are you saying that the names cute or you are cute? XD
    Thanks i like the look of that one, i have books and flashcards for kanji but not quite the same when you need to search.
    http://tangorin.com/ is quite helpful.
    http://japanese.about.com/library/blkodarchives.htm is quite useful as well.
  • Mistwalker
    konbanha ochibi-chan, you're also up late tonight! good luck with your studying
  • Jadore_Violet
    konbanha mistwalker-san (hmmm is it ok if i say walker san?)genki desuka? hai sou desu ne? i seem to always stay up when i hae no college in the morning ^-^ so many days off, and it is my birthday on the 2nd. . . oh yay thats 2morrow.
  • Jadore_Violet
  • Mistwalker
    hai genki desu. uwah hontou? tanjoubi omedetou!!
  • Jadore_Violet
    domo arigato ^-^
  • Mistwalker
    chibi-chan no tanjoubi ni nani wo shimashita ka. Tanoshikatta desu ka.
  • Jadore_Violet
    is that "what did you do on your birthday" and "was it fun"? well I did not do much but I had a beautiful home made fruit cake (totemo oishii deshita) lots of cards,a poem from ichi imouto and a bracelet from ni imotou.
  • Mistwalker
    hai sou desu. yes that's what I meant. That sounds nice ^_^ How has your studying been going?
  • Jadore_Violet
    not to bad i suppose. i was too lazy the other day tho and i skipped Japanese class only to find out later that we had an exam -_- now i will have to do it on the 10th. and what about you?
  • Mistwalker
    oh dear that's not good!! Good luck for your exam, what will it cover?

    Been very busy with work so not felt like much studying last couple of weeks when i got home >_> really in the mood tonight to study lots tho.
  • Jadore_Violet
    I am not sure what the exam will cover but i know it will be multiple choice, i think its a reading exam and there might be a few low level kanji.
    i know what you mean if your out all day doing work (well i am at college most of the day) you just wanna drop when you get home. but it is good that your in the mood to day. make the most of it. ganbatte ^_^
  • Mistwalker
    Hope you pass! How long have you been studying Japanese at college?
    Arigatou Chibichan, will do. working through Grade 2 Kanji. good luck with your studying too tonight.
  • Jadore_Violet
    ^-^ I don't, I do medical science at college. I do Japanese once a week for an hour and a half at a language centre. I think my exam went well btw but I ended up doing a listening exam when the rest of my class had done reading ~_~
  • Jadore_Violet
    oh and i have been doing japanese lessons for about three years and i did some self study for a while before then
  • Mistwalker
    oh i see >_> wow that sounds difficult. what are you aiming for then?
    ouch nasty! would much prefer a reading exam to listening.
  • Jadore_Violet
    ^-^ i liked it. like i said i think it went well. I am aiming to be fluent however long it takes but i hope to be fairly fluent in a about 4 more years. i dont know if thats an ambitious target or if i should be able to do it in less time ~_~ fluent speakers never wanna tell you how long it took them to learn any language for some reason -__- I think when i can afford to pay for one on one lessons or even just more classes a week I will learn much more efficiently.
  • Mistwalker
    lol whoops, meant medical science sounds difficult ;P

    Hmm About the same as me then! Well you never fully learn a language anyways. not possible! Still don't know everything in English, but I'd assume it would take around the same amount of time it took for us to learn English, slightly less maybe.

    That's probably a sensible target. You're lucky that they teach it near you regularly!
  • Jadore_Violet
    ^_^ yh it was hard to find a place that did japanese. oh and medical science is a mix so sometimes its really easy and other times its hard but most of the time it is all interesting subjects so i enjoy it. well my little sister is 4 and she has a wide vocabulary and intelegent speach paterns although that is alot to do with me being a bit of a geek. I taught her to say deoxyribonucleic acid and haemoglobin when she was 3 most recently atherosclerosis and myocardial infarction basically any thing i have homework on i teach her a little. but yea so shees been able to have pretty full convo's since she was very little so being as ive already been doing japanese for 3+ yrs i think it takes longer to learn a second language. but then i am sure if i had started learning when i was little i would have absorbed much more and more quickly. my nxt door neigbors grand son is about 5 and he knows at least 3 languages (his mom is Cantonese i think and his dad is greek + live in england)they are like sponges at that age.
  • Mistwalker
    Hmm that's true I guess, but you also get a lot more time when you're younger to dedicate to studying. Japanese is in a different order sentence wise so does take some getting used to and if you don't practice for a while you start to forget stuff :(

    >_> yeah I've never heard a couple of those words or how to pronounce them.
  • Jadore_Violet
    that's one way to think about it but i think it is less about time and more about the brain being physically different when one is younger. psychology research has shown that if a child has not learnt at least one language by the age of about 10(give or take a year) then they will be unable to ever grasp any form of grammar and only some words. this suggests that the body is preprogrammed for this type of learning only before this age. if this part of the mind/brain is not excersized it stops working on the other hand if it is used alot i.e. learning more than one language before that age, it becomes more efficient. again studies show that the more languages you know the easier it is to learn new ones even if the languages are unrelated.
  • Mistwalker
    Guess that is true about being different when younger.
    Didn't know that, oh well I'm screwed then - should have studied more at school <_<
  • Jadore_Violet
    ^~^ ah sorry i did not mean to discourage you. I am sure we will both become fluent (enough) in japanese soon. . . enough lol
    besides there are so many variables that are not accounted for in the studies its not so cut and dry. btw i watched a program (last night i think it was) i only cought a bit of it but it was talking about how although the brain is more "settled" in adults it still has an amaizing ability to adapt ^_^ there's a lovely positive to think about
  • Mistwalker
    haha cheeky! :P Hopefully ^_^ although i am much better at reading side of things to the listening >_> that will take me much longer :(

    shame i have so many random thoughts running through my mind, i don't find it 'settled'

    have you had your test results back?
  • Jadore_Violet
    no not yet. i dont know when i will get them hopfully after half term though.
  • Mistwalker
    ossu chibichan o/ genki desu ka. Up to anything fun this weekend? lucky got next week off then?
  • Jadore_Violet
    genki ^_^ kimi wa? i doubt i will have any thing particularly fun to do this week end but yh got a week off so I might go cinema on Wednesday and I got some gift shopping to do. oh and i got a free sort of won a free makeover and photo shoot type thing for next friday but i havent confirmed the booking yet. I am really excited about it but i have to bring my own out fits and i dont have many clothes so i might have to change the date if i dont get any outfits on time. its +1 so I am gonna take my mom she deserves to be pampered. btw jisho.org says that osssu is used between male friends (so sad i had to look it up cos i didnt know the word) is it alright to say it to a girl?
  • Mistwalker
    >_> Yeah I guess it is more for informal male use primarily, although thought it could be used informally between friends, but i guess not (and i just like the word) Well seeing as you don't own many clothes, maybe your a tomboy? and so it would be okay to use?!? ^_-
    Same to you then missy :P Kimi can be a very rude way to address people!!

    demo hai, genki desu ^_^

    Cant believe you've never heard ossu used before <_<
  • Jadore_Violet
    lol i think i have heard some characters say ossu on anime before sub titled as "yo" 0.0 i didnt realise kimi was rude gomennasai. I thought it was ok between friends. I was going to say anata wa? but then i am not sure of the etiquette for that word either @~@ there are to many ways of saying you.
  • Jadore_Violet
    oh and i am not a tomboy (not since i was about 12) I just dont have the money for clothes at least half my wadrob was given to me by family and most of the other half are really really cheap stuff.I am ok for casual wear but for this photo shoot I wanted really nice stuff. I have one nice dress which was bought for me to where to my nieces christening not long ago and i have one blue dress which i wore to the last 3 or 4 parties i went to -__- i am so broke
  • Mistwalker

    'Anata ha?' would have been better and is acceptable between friends. usually 'Name-san/kun/chan ha?' is most polite. kimi seems that it can be used by young girls, but most places i see 'kimi ha' in manga translated as 'you b*****d' or a sign of disrespect.

    ooh learnt something new about you there. so you are a girly girl then? ;P or more like average since you don't have tons of clothes >_>

    lol well I'm sure you look cute in the dress but i can see your point if you've worn the same thing for last 3-4 parties need something new.

    Aww poor chibichan *pats on head* will have to find a part time job? or a rich boyfriend!?
  • Jadore_Violet
    lol yh I finish college soon so will be full time job hunting although a rich bf wouldn't go a miss lol ^_^ I'm not pink and fluffy but I like to be a bit of a girly girl sometimes but yh I am usually just average I suppose ^_^ hai watashi wa kawaii desu. even if i do say so myself but i wouldnt say the party dress was cute, its rather short...and figure hugging
  • Mistwalker
    Good luck with your job hunting ^_^

    Well average isn't a bad thing and you seem like a lovely girl :0)

    Sounds Cheeky!! ;P haha well i am sure you are right and you are totemo kawaii ^_^

    you're just teasing me there! :P thats mean!
  • Jadore_Violet
    lol sorry I couldn't resist ^_^ and thanx, I hope I am a lovely girl. I am getting tired now so im gonna do an oblivion vocab test and then be off to bed. oyasuminasai
  • Mistwalker
    I don't mind ;)

    well I can't comment on your looks, but you seem really nice, friendly and easy to talk to ^_^ Rather cheeky too :P although you've not even said your name...

    Speak to you soon? Sleep well ^_-

    oyasumi chibi-imotou-chan
  • Mistwalker
    Konbanwa chibichan.

    Did you go to the cinema in the end, what did you watch?

    Have you been able to sort out the photo shoot? hope it goes well if you have done ^^ and you and your mum have fun.

    jaa nee *huggles*
  • Jadore_Violet
    konbanwa walker kun o genki desuka. hai, x men o mimashita. sugoi desu. as for my photo shoot it was good but my moms pictures where not very nice she looks way better without make up. all my photos where so amaizing i had a good day but it made me sad at the same time because to buy the photos would be sooo expensive. we ended up buying some on a disk but i feel really bad about the expense and upset that my mom's weren't so nice =( if i had a thousand pounds or so i could buy all the pics on disk and print + another day to do it all over again and profesional retouching and special effects but even on monthly payments we could just aford the cheapest package.
    *(>'-')> hugs bk*
  • Mistwalker
    Woah you were up late chibichan!
    Hai genki desu, anata ha? Tenki wa ii desu ne ^^ nani wo shite imasu ka?

    aa urayamashii! boku wo mitai.

    Aww that's a shame, but at least it was a fun day out for you both. I'm glad you managed to find something to wear then for it or did you stick with the dazzling blue dress in the end? ;P

    O_o Woah that is expensive for photos! I thought you said it was a free makeover and photo shoot?! XD Nice hidden extras :/

    *Smiles as chibichan hugs him back, and ruffles her hair a bit*
    That icon always reminds me of kirby XD

    Time for breakfast and a bit of studying ^^
  • Jadore_Violet
    i didnt want to go to bed last night because i didnt want to take off my make up or mess up my hair so i ended up cheking my emails and then i came on here (eventually i did go to bed). yes the makeover and photo shoot where "free" but then they show you the photos and well.... i am sure there financial predictions for this scheme are excellent.
    I ended up getting some really nice outfits and i borrowed a dress from a friend aswell. ahh yes he does look like kirby. kawaii desu ne. twas lovely weather yesterday but we where indoors for most of it '-'
    i am going to do some study now aswell before my brother takes the laptop
  • Mistwalker
    >_> and here I was ruffling up your hair earlier XD gomen ;)

    gahaha hontou ni? chibichan! What time did you go to bed in the end?

    That's such a shame that you were able to get nice outfits but not able to afford all the photos :(

    hai kirby to chibi kaiwaii da ^^

    Yes it twas. Spent most of it an office tho and it was roasting :(

    Good luck with your studying ^^ you really need to get your own laptop/pc :P
  • Jadore_Violet
    just finished my oblivion vocab now on to kanji (there's like 240 for me to do -__-) I went to bed after 4 in the morning '~' yes quit right I really do need a laptop. they said they keep the pictures for 12 months so perhaps i will get another chance to buy them.
  • Mistwalker
    That's why you need to do some everyday to keep them low :P and to remember them as there's so many.

    Alright for some staying up all hours! >_>

    Don't have laptop either but at least have own PC. Do you not even have a PC for yourself instead of stealing your bros?

    :/ still need like £1000 to buy them tho you said, that's alot... How many were you able to keep?

  • Jadore_Violet
    i have 6 on disk that are to be posted to me and I have 2 sheets of keyring sized prints of all the photos there's about 40 but there only small. some of the ones on disk where edited so i kinda have 2 photos in one for some of them. I have an old PC but its all packed away upstairs since i had a laptop... now my laptop is broken. my brother has another laptop with a broken screen tho and he said i can connect it to the old monitor and use it.
  • Mistwalker
    :( of course thats how they make their money then, shame the ones you have are so small. least you got to be pampered a bit tho!

    seems Chibi-tan needs money for a lot of things...
    *huggles to make her feel better*

    That seems like a lot of work to get a laptop working XD How did you manage to do that? you didn't sit on it did you ;P
  • Jadore_Violet
    lol no the motherbord for my laptop burnt out for some unknown reason. i think my brother droped his old laptop and cracked the screen. thanx for the hug ^_^
    I've just got to be confident and optimistic. i will get a job and get my photos and get a laptop although i will have to live with ma parents for a bit longer and you know shuffle around a few plans.
  • Mistwalker
    You're welcome ^^ Although I am sure your much nicer to hug in person ;D

    Ouch that's not easy to fix :/ probably pushing it too hard for too long and overheated. Would be easier and cheaper on PC to fix yourself. not sure you can on laptop. ...uh oh pair of clumsies in your family then XD

    That's the spirit ^^ Best of luck :) I'm sure you'll find something out there, after all your a nice friendly girl who I am sure a lot of employees would be happy to employ. Don't give up no matter how many rejections happen ^^

    Nothing wrong with living at home, its not cheap to move out anymore, or pay bills, and harder in the recession to get money or a decent job :( Things don't always go as planned and you never know what problems life might throw at you... :'(

    You're doing well on tests today :)
  • Jadore_Violet
    ^_^ thats because I've been chosing the chapters with stuff i already know. I have been stuck on some of thee level 2 stuff for so long i thought i might as well see what level 3 is like since i've had enough exp for a while.
  • Mistwalker
    same as me then. Skipped a few chapter as well. i find it usually easier to use practice mode and then there are lots you know with the occasional new one. that makes it easier to remember new items within ones you already know, not sure if that would help you?
    Yep your so far behind chibi-tan :P hurry up ^^
    any news on your results of proper exam?
  • Jadore_Violet
    nope I am going to ask about my results on Thursday when i go to my Japanese lesson. I am catching up... i am :s
  • Mistwalker
    Best of luck then, let me know how you got on :)

    Only cos I am ironing and not studying at the moment :P Only on here atm cos I want to speak with JV. still 40K behind me ^_^

    Does Chibi-tan not have to do any chores? How often and how long do you study usually? (not just on here)
  • Jadore_Violet
    ^-^ aww I like talking to you but please don't let me keep me from ur chores. I should tidy my room and I have coursework to do. but i felt like doing Japanese. oh my gosh 40 thousand more xp than me well i suppose thats what i get for not studying regularly. some times i don't do Japanese for days and then I will spend hours trying to catch up. i really don't have any regular study patterns although often it seems like i use my Japanese as a deliberate distraction from other work... as soon as I finish the oblivion kanji I will do some college work, i will, i will ^_^
  • Mistwalker
    glad to hear that ^^ daijoubu, am able to do both, no getting rid of me that easy! :P Want to get as much out the way before Doctor Who... Plus your much more interesting than chores ;)

    Yes should do a bit each day, even if its only 10 mins. Better than doing lots at once then long gaps as tend to get out of practice and forget stuff :( plus I wont get to annoy... er i mean speak with Chibi-tan for ages ;D

    yeah right :P sounds like too much hassle, I'm sure you'll get distracted. Will you be on later or 2moro when you've done your coursework?
  • Jadore_Violet
    I think i might come online 2morrow just for a bit. yay Dr who!!! ok time for a break.
  • Mistwalker
    *Gives Chibi-tan a hug goodbye and a playful slap on her oshiri as she leaves* ^_-

    Woohoo Doctor Who's off to a good start ^_^
  • Jadore_Violet
  • Jadore_Violet
    how can dr who continue to become more epic with every second of each episode?!
  • Mistwalker
    oh Welcome back...

    Shame we now have to wait 6 weeks till the next episode. I kinda already guessed who River was thanks to the adverts :(

    Sorry still cant stand Amy Pond, hope this is the last series shes in it. Although I like Rory and River...

    :( Wish there had been a larger scale battle as well. but i like how it all ties in to previous eps.
  • Jadore_Violet
    I mean OMG she's a time lord A TIME LORD!!! AND A LADY LORD AT THAT!! ... *tries to regain some sort of composure*
    (any who in response to your last comment) oi you cheeky watsit lol
  • Jadore_Violet
    unfortunatly I have not been watching regularly. but on the upside i never saw the adverts so most of it is surprises for me. I really want to watch all the series from 9th dr through to now to fill in everything. I am such a bad fan I aught to have watched everything but i have all these gaps
  • Mistwalker
    ^^ Watsit?!? *giggles* was a bit slow of you tho on that part! ;P

    Yeah that is true... haha so cute how excited you get XD remember to breath.

    While this has answered some questions, there are still a few left unanswered and causes some new ones as well...

    You need to get them then! last series was probably the worst till the ending and this one is better, but nowhere near as good as the last 2 docs series. Hope it gets better as time goes on.
    Think its because we don't know Amy or Rorys family...well we know abit more now XD

    Gonna have to watch all eps again I guess now >_>
  • Jadore_Violet
    i think i may have a friend with the box sets so i will see if i can borrow them ^_^ i was slow in responce due to Dr who I was so excited and speachless yet i needded to tell someone... i did run to my mom shouting shes a time lord and then wispering shes a time lord. I think my family may think my excitment a bit scary rather than cute lol
  • Mistwalker
    Aww and you chose me? ^^ thankies.

    I hope you are able to borrow them from your friend then. You'll have to watch all eps from now on when it returns :P

    lmao i wish i could have seen that XD Did they all just look at you like you were crazy and then go back to what they were doing?!
    well for now i find it cute ;) maybe if i actually knew/met you then i might be scared as well XD

    Gotta admit I have actually missed a lot of the nods back to previous eps, only remembering things thanks to confidential on bbc 3... Actually really good on what things he bought together in this ep.

    so Amy killed her daughter then in episode 1... wonder who is in the astronaught suit who killed the doc... hmm so many questions
  • Mistwalker
    You calmed down now?
  • Mistwalker
    *pinches JV's oshiri to get her attention*
  • Jadore_Violet
    yes i am calm now. you leave my oshiri alone thank you. sorry i have to go now my bro is taking the lap top. i think i will txt that friend now. bye bye
  • Mistwalker
    Okay, bai bai.

    Yes ma'am. gomen nasai.

    :P You are now my official new little doctor who buddy ^^
  • Mistwalker
    Kinou wa sumimasen deshita. chotto oonoriki. Dr Who is on again soon in case missed parts from yesterdays episode.
  • Jadore_Violet
    ^_^ Konbanwa! domo arigato gozaimasu. (>^-^)> hug for my new Dr who budy. sorry I haven't been online for like a week but still only get to use my brothers laptop at random times -_- I am also struggling with some chemistry coursework amongst other topics. its been really aggravating me >_<
  • Mistwalker
    Kirby-chan! er i mean Chibi-chan, knobanwa >_< *hugs back and spins her around off her feet*
    Did you manage to steal your friends copies then? Think i have worked out whats happening now from last 2 series ^^
    Fighto! Good luck with your coursework.
  • Mistwalker
    Oh yeah, please take a look at my echo on front page >_> took ages typing that out and no-ones commented :'(
  • Jadore_Violet
    *lets out a little squeal and a giggle as she is spun* ^-^ that was fun. my friend has not yet replied to me -_- i guess i could try the college library. i would try watching online but it takes so long to find a decent source + i wouldnt need the laptop with a dvd. i would ask for your theories but i dont know how much of a spoiler i am prepared for
  • Mistwalker
    *Laughs at how cute Chibi can be at times, lets her feet touch the floor and pats her on the head while still hugging her*
    or blockbusters might have them to rent out or buy cheap...? I need to buy the series' I think now XD good excuse to rewatch them all due to this seasons cliffhanger >_> roll on Autumn.
    Depends on how much of the old series you know of? Plus I might be wrong...
    Yeah you really need a new laptop or PC pest :P
  • Jadore_Violet
    ^_^ i think i might just try block buster or maybe amazon my friend said she dosent have any dr who =( i really thought she would as she has tons of dvds but then again they are mostly films. I know nothing of before the 9th doctor. i remember a few clips of the old series from when i was younger sets that looked like cardboard Darlics saying exterminate and me wondering if the people inside could actually see where they were going lol thats it
  • Mistwalker
    They are reshowing all of Matt Smiths episodes on bbc3 - 1st 2 were on tonight. That's cos you're far too young! ;P
    I remember quite a lot due to my big bros... and i remember being scared of a few of them... now they just look so bad they're funny XD
    Well the episode with 'House' is important, the 'Silence' making a Tardis, the character used by the clerics as well and trying to make a Timelord body are all important i think, and linked together.....
    Sleep well chibi-tan. Speak with ya soon.
  • Mistwalker
    Oh before i forget, have you finished your coursework? and have you got your exam results back yet?
  • Jadore_Violet
    just a bit of CW left but i am running out of time as my course is supposed to finish b4 the end of this month ^~^ I dont have bbc3 only my brother has virgin in his room and the other has freeview with a tereble signal =( just regular tv in da living room and every where else. my teacher is now saying some time in august for my jap exam results kinda a long time to wait for such a simple multi option exam that is probs marked by a computer -__-
  • Mistwalker
    Fighto Chibitan, you can make it! Oh that sucks that it takes so long, sure it's not coz they've lost it and they don't wanna make you cry coz you have to retake? ;P
    O.o well that's kinda crappy! have freeview to all our TVs but get different channels on each due to bad signal XD Its pretty much unwatchable if it rains...
  • Mistwalker
    Afternoon Chibi-tan *huggles*, Ganki desu ka? Finished your coursework yet? ;P
  • Jadore_Violet
    *huge hug bk* hai to totemo genki ^_^ owarimashita。yh i have officially finished my course now. been amending my C.V and looking at NHS job site.
  • Mistwalker
    *takes her hand and twirls her around in a little dance*

    ^_^ Glad that you have finished?

    ooh gonna become a sexy nurse then? ;P but seriously good luck with your job hunt.
  • Jadore_Violet
    thanx hopefully the money will b rolling soon ^-^lol i duno about a nurse but basically this qualification puts me at assitant level so i could be lab tech assistant nurse assistant etc
  • Mistwalker
    then you can finally get a new laptop :P oh and your pictures!
    Hope you live in an area of the country where they need you or are able to travel to the place.
    good enough :p hot lab tech would also work but nurse has a sexier outfit ^_- What would you like to be working as then?

  • Jadore_Violet
    i dunno there's not anything particular i want to do as long as its interesting. what is it with guys and nurses -_- tut tut lol
  • Mistwalker
    That's a good goal. Try and make sure you like your job and that its interesting... or pays alot then you'll feel like getting up in the morning to go to it!

    Erm well coz they can make a girl look uber sexy or cute :D but well you might not need one for that... Although I don't even know if your blond or brunette!?

    I bet you like firemen ;P
  • Jadore_Violet
    lol I guess my hair is black although it can go lighter in the summer when i am in the sun a lot any who I doubt i would ever go blond I am mixed race u know mostly black but my grandmar is white. uniform is nothing if they aint got the body for it lol
  • Mistwalker
    hmm, I see. Well of course I didn't know chibi-tan :P Not like I am stalking you >_> (Just hope she doesn't look outside to see me hiding behind the lampost) XD

    cheeky :P you talking bout the firemen or commenting on other girls in nurse outfits ;P
  • Mistwalker
    Oh and some can pull off the blond hair look as well...sometimes
  • Jadore_Violet
    nah i dont think it would suit me... maybe a streak of blond but i dont think so. lol the fire men. i was thinking the other day "thought you had to be in tip top condition to do these physical jobs, police, fireman etc but they all seem to have beer bellies" lol
  • Mistwalker
    wouldn't be able to comment on your hair (as no idea what you look like overall), but high lights might look good if not going all the way... it depends on length of hair and style tho.

    yeah, yeah! See caught you day dreaming of firemen during exams :P Yes it is quite worrying... i wonder if they ever get stuck in the windows or anywhere else for that matter? XD

    you'd think the heat from the fire would be a good way to sweat off the excess pounds...
  • Mistwalker
    "nah i dont think it would suit me..." - btw when i 1st read this i thought you were talking about a nurse outfit, then i realized you were talking about your hair >_>
  • Jadore_Violet
    lol maybe its cos there arnt that many fires any more with all the precautions pple have these days. so they gain a weight due to lack of work. any who i dont day dream . . . about firemen
  • Mistwalker
    yeah okay smartass - you got me there.

    So what do you day dream about then? :P
  • Mistwalker
    *tickles Chibi-tan*
    Did you fool asleep drooling on your keyboard (again)?? ;P
  • Jadore_Violet
    money, food and vampires... warewolves on ocasion
  • Mistwalker
    ...okay not sure how to respond to that one. rather random XD

    I get the first 2 but maybe not the last 2. no zombies then or other creatures?

    no biting my neck missy ;P you don't cosplay as a vampire do you?

  • Jadore_Violet
    no i dont do cos play though if i did i would be the kind of person who goes all out ^-^ like no cardboard armour please, real metal and silk kimonos ^-^ i dont want to be a vampire so i wont be biting you wouldnt mind a vampire biting me tho lol... yes i am a bit odd
  • Jadore_Violet
    you know what else i think about alot? super heros and dr who and such si fi things and if and how they would actually be possible like a raandon genetic mutation is more likely to result in beast than xzavier
  • Mistwalker
    That's something worth seeing then ;)
    Yes i can see that! So what super power would you like to be gifted with?
    Sorry fell asleep >_>
  • Jadore_Violet
    hmm that's a hard one I guess some sort of telekinesis. i was first going to say "to be really really smart" but i suppose that's more of a rarity rather than a super power. ^_^ oh and thats ok i had a feeling that you'd nodded off
  • Mistwalker
    Was nothing to do with you i was just really tired... plus it was like 3am! :P

    kinda knew it was going to be something like that :P Eidetic memory would be what you are after
  • Jadore_Violet
    yes memory is an important part of all round intelligence but also increased problem solving abilities and hand eye co-ordination like its one thing to remember a piece of music but another to be able to play it on a new instrument or to know the rules of quantum physics AND how to apply them. -_- why is it so easy to get my week vocab list down and yet my week kanji list is not moving at all even when i get lots of answers right >.<
  • Mistwalker
    Possibly... but would you not be able to recall how to solve the problem from text books or previous encounters should you have an Eidetic memory. If you were to have unlimited space then although you would start off dumb you would snowball into cleverness... and turn into Sheldon (Big Bang Theory)

    True, but you never spoke of physical powers only mental :P you could hire some hunk to do your legwork for you ;)

    If its your weak list then it depends on the amount you got wrong and it has to bring it back to equal before removing it, not just getting it right once.
    Fighto Chibi-tan *gives her a cuddle*

    Id think id like powers to do with dimensions, or the ability to manipulate body like Golden Darkness. Although Gambit is fave super hero. >_>
  • Jadore_Violet
    ^~^ sumimasen but i wont pretend to know who you are talking about although i have heard the name gambit before. also i know one right answer isn't enough but often i get the same kanji come up 3 or four times in the same test and i answer right yet the list stays the same length.
    i didn't mention physical powers because physical abilaty is just another section of intelegence. memory would help but it is still another section. like i can memorise a song in japanese and i can memorise someone elses translation but without a certain level of logical problem solving abilaty i would not be able to figure out the actual meanings of each word or the grammer paterns. you may have noticed many of the people with astounding memmory abilaties actually have other mental difficulties stoping them from doing tsks that we find simple this shows that these types of intelegence are actually seperate to an extent. http://jezebel.com/5243027/twin-savants-fixated-on-dick-clark

  • Jadore_Violet
    when i said really smart i meant all round increased intelligence
  • Mistwalker
    He is a character from Marvel Universe, The X-Men.

    No idea then, sorry, cant help you. Maybe it just doesn't like you cos your a pest so its making you take more kanji than everybody else? :P

    Hmm yeah i know, but there's no other powers that come close to what you mean and even then not a super power. >_> Maybe super-intelligence would cover it? Although you'd still need a drop dead gorgeous body to be a super hero ;P plus a costume... (don't tell me you've already drawn up designs!)
  • Mistwalker
    I see you instantly know Golden Darkness as you didn't mention not knowing her >_>
  • Jadore_Violet
    -_- sorry no, i assumed they where from an American comic but then i just googled it and all anime stuff came up.
    yh not really a super power though i would rather be smart like that i think. besides batman and iron man dont super powers just intelagence and riches ... and cool suits/costumes lol ^_^ i already have the hour glass figure though i could stand to loose some weight and tone up. throw in some combat skills and im away ^-^
  • Mistwalker
    Hmm those 2 are different to all the rest tho as they don't really have super powers... So what sort of super hero costume would you choose?

    Sounds like you have all the curves in the right places then ^_-
  • Mistwalker
    *playfully gives her a little push and goes into a fighting stance :D "Lets see your moves then chibi-tan"* ;P
  • Jadore_Violet
    well it would have to be purple maybe black with purple trimmings and symbol really long boots (past the knee) high heals of course but they would have to be also be free runner friendly as heroes do a lot of that. . . got me day dreaming now thinking about looks and practicality. I guess the overall cos would end up sort of anime ninja. definitely want katana and shurikin. darn stopped writing this every few seconds just daydreaming about this alternate me so many ideas and variables. ...
    any who what about you? power, costume? oh would you even b a hero mite you be neutral or even a villain?
  • Mistwalker
    Sounds pretty sexy! ;p is that a tight leather catsuit to show off your curves? ;) you got me daydreaming about you in that now! :D

    Haha, well I would neither be pure nor evil. I would be somewhere in between and more a support and defensive character, like let others do the work but might train people or fight if I find it interesting to do so >_> I would be a bit of a wanderer, not staying in one place long.

    I would like either dual Kodachi's and/or dual metal Tonfa's, which would be strapped to my lower back beneath my coat (and on my lower legs if both). Would also be skilled with kicks and jumps - using arms to block and attack with legs ^_^ Would let people attack me, rather than it be me going out on the offensive. Although if I did go offensive then that would be me getting serious ^_-

    Clothes would be plain/normal so I can blend in with the crowd for easy get away. Some sort of plain T-shirt with a short sleeve hoodie, and either 3/4 length shorts (the ones that go below knee) or jeans/trousers. Fingerless gloves a must have. Lightweight long trench coat type thing with pockets inside to store/hide things and a small shoulder bag which is worn due to traveling.

    Now it depends on what universe this was set in >_> If there were lots of superpowers around I would have 'Absorb' so I could use peoples powers (but not steal them).
    If thats not allowed then controlling 'Dimensions' so can travel anywhere or anyworld. Able to create seperate dimensions or travel to those existing ones, or just put rips in the fabric to create like a shield around me >_>

    Damn we are geeky to think this much about it XD I blame you :P

    So would you be a hero or villian? Of course I would have to make sure to go up against you from time to time and tease and annoy you ;)
  • Jadore_Violet
    ^_^ damn that is good! sounds like a wonderer maybe you have an apprentice here and there then disapear without a trace and one day one of em catches up to you and suddenly its a fight to the death XD
    i might be a thief of the rich and currupt also messing up there operations from the shadows just for a laugh. i actually am a very nocturnal person so actually love the idea of operating at night and in the shadows. so not particularly good or bad but would love a good fight.
    i didnt think about the type of world but i like the idea of being half demon so maybe in a world like our reality but only known by few there is another dimension with demons that slip in and out.

    yes yes we are geeks ^-^ and i dont mind at all. -_- want to stay online but syblings wanna steel the laptop AGAIN wish there was messaging or chat on here.
  • Mistwalker
    Thankies ^_^ I am also quite sad and thought about this many a time :P Although not exactly super hero... more powers and how to use them...

    >_> I would flee before they caught up to me, plus my powers would mean they wouldn't be able to get near me ^_^

    So that's why the purple or black then so you can blend in to the shadows. That's kinda cool. not a morning person myself either...

    Oh of course I would have to make sure that our paths cross from time to time but won't make my allegiance known to you :P maybe fight you as would love a good fight too, but also help you from the shadows but never team up with ya ;)

    What kind of demon? There are so many! plus the Japanese ones are awesome.

    *Spars with Chibi-tan a little, laughing as they playfully exchange hits with each other*

    >_> Wow for a geek your spellings bad at times XD

    Yes its a shame there's nothing like those features, but what can you do, and why would you want them?
  • Jadore_Violet
    well if i make a really good friend >_>...
    might want to send them my drawings or lyrics or photos but not exactly gonna post it on a comment where every and any one can see. or just to be able to talk a bit more fluently without having to scroll down 116 comments lol 116 we sure talk... i mean type a lot.
    half tiger demon as that's my fav animal then i could have the power to shape shift to different forms 1. like a house cat but more tiger cub like 2. like a regular tiger 3. full demon form tiger- like a giant white tiger, purple eyes and purple flames on tail.
    however the later would only happen on certain circumstances due to me being only half demon maybe once a year and or in presence of certain others with power.
    may be someone creates a dimension block type thing and catches you ^-^ then Dr who could show up because the entirety of spacetime is about to cave in on itself @_@
    any who they couldnt hold you so youve already escaped b4 the good Dr shows up but now his tardis has landed right in canine demon territory who then become rabid of course upsetting the felines and worst of all my own mother who happens to be queen of cat demons! when she is angered the entire earth shakes the last time being just before she took over from the previous queen who had reigned a thousand years before she told my mother not only to break up with but to kill my human father and discard me the half blood! needless to say her reign ended soon after her foolish words.
    so now my mothers on a rampage and only I can stop her but i am gonna need your help.

    hmm this is getting good me thinks...?
  • Mistwalker
    Haha that's true ^_^ Er yes we have... well you don't have to open them all up to reply to last comment!

    That's not a demon power! that's just an ani-morph! If we're going down that route and not demons or youkai then I would be a Ookami (wolf).

    Hmm so I guess purple is your fave colour then that you like to wear ;)

    Hmm so you'd be a princess then? ;P >_> lmao you sure do daydream don't ya! Wouldn't you be queen if your mum was overthrown?!

    Well I'd be the lone wolf so be hard to track down and work with :p Maybe I would just turn up when you most need me, but for a reward of course ^_- How can I help Chibi-tan, and what reward will I get for my work?
  • Mistwalker
    Damn girl *Gives her a kick up the bum* At least make the challenges something possible to answer!!! :P
  • Jadore_Violet
    I cant think of any specific demon powers... i am thinking about my tiger claws and something along the lines of setting things alight by scratching them (purple flames)trying to think of something unique but imagination starting to fizzle out. I'm not an animorf because my natural form doesn't look human any way. pointed cat like ears, tail, striped/streaked hair.
    i was thinking some optical powers like hypnotism if i make eye contact but i dont wanna make my life too easy.
    jadore violet although written incorrectly means I love purple.

    hai torahime desu! If the queen dies then yh i might be queen but remeember i am only half so there might be some opposition from others of the clan and i would rather not make princess killing thee queen some sort of tradition.

    yh in a whole other realm here lol this is just if we where in the sort of wold with demons i would wanna be half.
    in a world of superheroes and villains i dont think i would have specific super powers but would be night ninja type person not hero but generally against villains
  • Jadore_Violet
    after i click comment if i wanna add somthing like now i do have to scroll down.
    the challenge was easy. i chose like level 1 and 2 stuff
  • Mistwalker
    You little fibber! I got level 5 no Kana only kanji which made it even harder! the one I did for you was like level 1-3. :P

    Nope cant think of a unique power for you either with claws... Yay nekomimi ^_^

    Hypnotism is pretty weak though. would be easy to break. Confusion would be better power.

    I should have really put your name and that fact together shouldnt i >_> dumb moment there. So your old already then ;P
  • Jadore_Violet
    hmm im not old but i do like that poem ^-^
    that's strange the challenge i got said level 4!? I really did click 1 and 2 because those where the levels i was practising yesterday and knew i couldn't do level 3 ^~^ i have barely touched those lessons.
    psychological hypnotism is weak but surly daemon magic makes it stronger and also daemons are able to manipulate ones evil thoughts and stuff so i guess i would get more control depending on the evilness and emotional control the person has....no i have no idea what i am on about lol

    thought i was on a roll yesterday with that mini story thing going on but as usual I've ran out of steam not even half way through
    -__- always happens whether i am writing an essay or a story or a song. not so bad with songs I have completed a couple but usually make a really good chorus or verse and then just get stuck.
  • Mistwalker
    i know your not :P but it might suit you with da purple.
    Yeah i have only done to level 3 but its what you highlight when you start the test.
    *ruffles Chibi-tans hair* yeah i have no idea what your going on about now either. :p

    Lmao not easy to come up with a story plus i am sure there are some of your fantasies that you don't want written down for all to see ;P Why do you write songs? O.o
  • Jadore_Violet
    I love singing, I'm always singing and i got alot of drama and dreams in my life so what better way to use them then to put the emotion in a song? ^-^

    yes i know. i unselected level 4 (i don't even know why that was there that was b4 i even got level 4) and selected 1 and/or 2.

    any who twas a draw so me thinks another challenge is in order.
  • Mistwalker
    but are you any good at singing? or are you an X-factor wannabe :P

    >_> i guess because i am level 5 you didn't have the option to unselect that and i got it. anyways i blame you :p even if it was a draw because i am so awesome i win by default ^_-

    So what prize does the winner get from the loser?
  • Jadore_Violet
    prize? i duno. what were u thinking?
    I am actually a good singer not just freinds and family telling me that either i have bin to workshops and stuff and all the other people there where like wow lol not to boast or anything but you dont know for sure unless people that dont know you tell you so. especially since the way i sound to my self when singing and then when recorded sounds different.
  • Jadore_Violet
    I would love to hear myself on a professional recording just so i know exactly what i sound like to other people
  • Mistwalker
    Hmm, well get to know your name if I win? :p why... what were you thinking? something rude!?

    sure-sure not boasting or nothing :P I'll have to hear ya sing to believe ya that good or watch you on x-factor this year? ;P

    What style do you sing then? what sort of music do you listen to?
  • Mistwalker
    *Pulls Chibi-tan in close and starts to kiss and nibble her neck playfully* or was this the type of prize you were hoping for :P
  • Jadore_Violet
    I love all sorts of music and i will try any type ^_^ i take each song as it comes and dont judge by genre or who's singing unless of course i cant stand that persons voice lol.
    the most recent songs i can think of that i really liked are:
    extraterrestrial- Katy perry
    rolling in thee deep- Adel

    now i've gone blank for recent music lol been practising alot of older stuff recently. lol i dont mean this old but i was singing alot of frank Sinatra the other day.
    a few of my fave anime songs

    no i wasnt thinking any thing rude lol maybe IF you can beat me I will tell you my name. but then what if I win? i cant think of an equivalent prize.
  • Mistwalker
    Not heard either or them :P Mainly stick to Japanese, Chinese and Korean music now. Not listened to anything from UK or America in months...

    Lmao The big dumpling family XD

    oh really? ;P just me then >_> No idea tbh, cant think of anything?

    Don't suppose you play MH: Tri? ;)
  • Jadore_Violet
    ^-^ although that kiss on the neck does sound nice
  • Jadore_Violet
    no whats MH:tri?
  • Mistwalker
    >_> now now missy behave ;P *gives her a huggle, picking her up and spinning her round before planting a kiss on her lips* hehe
  • Mistwalker
    Monster Hunter: Tri - I've just started playing online today and its uber tough compared to offline :(
  • Jadore_Violet
    *mega blush*... that was my first kiss u little thief >_< (under breath-not to say i didn't like it:)
    never heard of it I assume it's an rpg based on catching/killing monsters lol i dont play games often and very rarely online
  • Mistwalker
    Yeah thats pretty much the gist of it :P no reall storyline involved.
    19 and never been kissed?! shocking! you've been studying too much
  • Jadore_Violet
    ^-^ maybe, I was considered a boffin at school. but its probly more because i just have never liked any one enough. most of the guys I know are idiots lol
  • Mistwalker
    Shocking! I thought you went to lots of parties as well!?

    Glasses and pigtails type? XD

    Maybe your just too clever? :P
  • Jadore_Violet
    no glasses and my hair is too short for pigtails. i was smarter than most but not that smart it was more just because i was interested while no one else cares about school or the subjects.
    its just others opinions they assume she's smart and interested in something other than boys and make up so she must be boring. no one bothered to know me for me. I like a party just as much as the next person but i dont go to lots probably because i dont have that many friends.
    was so anoying in school pple assume they know you so the day i feel like somthing different from blue high lights in ma hair to somthiing as normal as a bit of lip gloss they think something must be up like i am trying to impress someone or i am craking up and being a bad girl.
    i was always a target for bullies as well. they assume the boff dosent know how to punch but i can now say that in some respects i am glad it was me and not a weaker person because i DO know how to fight back weather with my words or my fists and i stick up for my friends ^-^ its hilarious when the idiots get so shocked because the didn't think their prey could defend themselves.
    ramble ramble ramble....
  • Mistwalker
    Ooh short hair :P See a Tomboy!

    Hmm well everyone gets bullied at some point in their life... and if they don't then they just haven't realised that they were being bullied >_>

    For a 'boffin'... your spelling is quite bad XD weather > whether

    How goes the job hunting?
  • Mistwalker
    Afternoon *Pinches Chibi-tans oshiri* Good weekend? What you up to this week?
  • Jadore_Violet
    I said i was considered a boffin, my hair is not short by choice it just doesn't grow =( and that was the correct spelling just the wrong word lol but yh my spelling is bad especially when online i just don't think about it to much.
    any hoo did you miss me? i went to london on tuesday, lots of japanese shops there and i went to a meet up with lots of japanese people and language learners ^-^
  • Mistwalker
    yeah it was nice and quiet :P hair doesn't grow? O.o

    Ooh really how come? what did you go for? learn or buy much?
  • Jadore_Violet
    it gets to a certain length but then the ends get weak i supose and drop of so my hair is never longer than erm about to my chin thats just how most of afro hair is it cant grow to our feet (without assistance) most black people who appear to have long hair are wearing a wig, extensions or a weave. if they have naturally long strong hair they probly have some aisan in there ancestory.
    I went to london for the meet up and to visit family oh and just cos i have never been b4 ^-^
  • Mistwalker
    Just to let you know New series of Torchwood is on BBC1 NOW!!
  • Jadore_Violet
    thanx but i have never watched torchwood and not about to now =( i am way too tired. going to bed now. oyasuminasai
  • Mistwalker
    Gomen, thought i had responded to this...
    Its more darker than doctor who. Hopefully Cap Jack will make a return to Dr Who now. How goes your studying & job hunting?
  • Jadore_Violet
    ^-^ i haven't done anything towards job hunting in days lol. my Japanese is study is going well tho started teaching the older of my 2 little sisters japanese begining with the kanas ^-^ oh and i have a pc in my room now so my syblings wont be sharing the laptop with me any more. but right now i am going to watch a couple of anime, be bk online later tho to do my oblivion list =)
  • Mistwalker
    Good start :P have you at least got a CV? My advice is don't lie on it! you'll be found out quick as has happened at my place with sum1 who did.

    Bet that helps you learn as well teaching her.

    Woohoo bout time!!
  • Jadore_Violet
    lol yep I have a C.V. but needs major re-writing. the first time i wrote it i was 16 and then the last time it was updated was last summer i think when i was looking for a summer job. I don't need to lie because i am such an awesome person ^_-
    yes it does it is like revision for me. my littlest sister is the best tho she is constantly asking "whats this in Japanese? whats that in Japanese?" then if i don't know the answer i have to look it up and tell her or she wont leave me alone then she says it and i say it and she says it ..... and you get the idea lol
    ^-^ i only had 6 items on my oblivion btw and i currently have no weak list so i started doing some notes ^-^
    anyhow how have you been? up to anything interesting?
  • Mistwalker
    Sorry been uber busy. Parents away on hols so looking after pets house and garden. Takes me an 1hr 30ish to water garden :(

    Lmao such a fibber :P *Tickles her till she tells the truth*

    I really need to get some japanese studying going :( I am so bad now i am forgetting the basics :'(
  • Mistwalker
    Oh yeah and stop putting level 5 as the damned time attack! its so hard
  • Jadore_Violet
    stop that i am ticklish XD. fibbing about what? tis all true and i think you need to change the settings from your end cos the last 2 times i only selected level 1 it was on level 5 but i deselected it first.
    hmm i was wondering where you'd been all that time... you must have a big garden. poor thing left with all the chores.
  • Mistwalker
    Hmm oh really?! Well i was planning on stopping, but now you've said that i think I'll continue! *continues to Tickle chibi-tan* what you gonna do about it? ;)
    The last one is level 1, the other 2 are level 5... i don't get the option to change it as you challenged me.
  • Jadore_Violet
    *laughs and wriggles in between shouts of "stop, stop it" "please"*

    :/ hmm I don't understand that the last 2 where defiantly level 1 how very odd.
  • Mistwalker
    hehe ^_^ such a cute voice :P *Stops tickling her, and maneuvers behind her, wrapping his arm round her placing them on her stomach, leaning his chin on her shoulder. whispers "That ticklish huh?" while he allows her to stop laughing and get her breath back*

    yeah yeah :P i'm sure you just clicked on anything to make it harder! i've not really gone past lvl 3.
  • Jadore_Violet
    *takes a deep breath and sigh then turns head to kiss his cheek* so comfortable here I could get used to it ^-^

    well i thought you where well on your way to level 6 any way being as your xp is miles ahead of mine.
    but after checking your profile I see your not only behind on chapter test but your oblivion lists are also in the hundreds 0.0 tut tut
  • Mistwalker
    *moves before she can kiss him on the cheek so it ends up on the lips* ^_- hehe. agrees is quite comfortable :)

    Yeah i know i've had like 0 time to study properly. i used to do at least an hour a day... i dont think i've even done an hour per week lately. Nope i've not got past lvl 3. exp high as kept doing the lower levels to make sure id learnt them. Need a refresher though.
  • Jadore_Violet
    I thought you might do that ^_^

    it is better to do it that way i suppose, to make sure the items stay in memory.
    how else do you study? do you use any other sites or books?
  • Mistwalker
    oh really? :P no fun then. how did you know? :/ Even i didn't know >_>

    Other materials I have:

    Genki 1 + 2, Japanese for busy people 1 - 3 + workbook 2, nihongo 500, White rabbit kanji flashcards, japanese verbs at a glance, all about particles, how to tell the differnce between japanese particles, basic japanese sentence patterns, quick mastery of vocab 1800 (N5/4) and some more random books >_>
    Also got printed out Kanji grades 1-6 stuck up on my wardrobe. Rosetta stone as well but hardly used XD
    Sites quite a few randoms and not sure if i am allowed to post them :P
  • Jadore_Violet
    i didn't know for sure but tis just the sort of thing you do ^_^ I thought it was fun ;P

    0-0 eh hem, that's a lot. at the moment i do most of my study here and occasionally use 2 other websites. I have Japanese for busy people 1+2 and the work book for volume 2. but it is kind of boring to use those books especially when studying alone -__- my Favorited way to study is when in class we read Rosa's blog or other passages and then translate them. i would like to write a diary in Japanese but every time i start i end up getting stuck after 1 or 2 sentences ^~^
  • Mistwalker
    seems you know me too well already then :P How tall are you?
    *lets her turn in his arms so they gaze into each others eyes, he runs his hands onto her bum, and playfully gives it a squeeze while pulling her up on tiptoes and gives her another kiss*
    more fun than last time? XD
    Yes they are a little boring but they are really good at the same time. I kinda need stuff to then go research rather than follow in order as sometimes its not all there :(
    Lmao nice. eh what sorta thing you put in your diary? ;P anything intersting you can tell me?
  • Jadore_Violet
    5'5". you?
    *pulls his hands up onto her waist before moving her hand to softly hold his neck as she kisses him back*

    I usually write when i am angry or upset often at my brother or dad so not that interesting. although i may have written something about my first crush.
    as for my Japanese diary all i can write with confidence is the time i wake up, the weather and what i had for breakfast/lunch/diner
  • Mistwalker
    5ft9 :D guess you would have to be on tiptoes or heels ;P

    When was your first crush?

    you have 2 diarys O.o oh thats quite a good idea... not sure i can write them though XD not fully anyways.
  • Mistwalker
    *gives her a kiss on the nose. such a cheeky girl! :P*
  • Jadore_Violet
    hmm a nice height difference i think ^-^

    I think i was 16 or 17.

    I actually only have the one proper diary my attempts at a japanese diary are on various paper pads and scraps and one small bit in my note book for Japanese class.
  • Mistwalker
    why do you say that? although i do prefer shorter girls :) *gives her a cuddle*

    Aww how cute! ;P

    lol yes it is difficult writing stuff as dont know enough to make it worthwhile. it was like that when we had to write letters or stories in class
  • Jadore_Violet
    because i like tall guys ^-^
    whats cute about that? was you expecting a younger age or perhaps an older one?
  • Mistwalker
    haha well i'm not really tall :P was one of the shortest in my year :( how bout you?

    Still aiming to be a smexy nurse? ;)

    A younger one tbh! Quite old for your 1st crush. how innocent and cute.
  • Jadore_Violet
    tall enough I say ;p I was nearly always one of the tallest in primary school only a few boys where taller then in secondary i think i must have been average but in college all my friends where shorter than me and i really didn't like being the tallest. my best friend is quite tall i still have too look up at him even in heals lol

    well I'm thinking more about it than i was. i didn't like the idea of being a nurse before but i didn't have a good reason so maybe on the other hand i like the sound of health car scientist too.

    i thought so I had sort of liked or fancied a couple of boys before that but they were not real crushes. one of the things that frustrated me in my early teens was the fact that i wanted a boyfriend yet had no crush...still doesn't quite make sense to me :/
  • Jadore_Violet
    health care* lol i know little or nothing about cars
  • Mistwalker
    Gomen, been really busy and had to take cat to vets so not had much time for anything else *gives her a hug, and her bum a squeeze ;P* How you been? What you been up to?
  • Jadore_Violet
    donmai. neko wa daijoubu desuka. neko ga sukidesu.

    you did say you where busy *hug*

    jamming ^-^ we have aquired a base player now oh and i actually made a propper start on my CV
  • Jadore_Violet
    tidied my room then made it a mess again, lol
  • Mistwalker
    neko wa genki...tabun. going to vets again 2moro for check up.
    bout time :P but not got on to the job hunting then. but you got the nurses outfit already i see ;D
  • Jadore_Violet
    nurse out fit? your seeing things ^-^
    i looked at a few jobs but most of them are for a higher level than i could take.
    =D just watched the last episode of FMA brotherhood. the feeling when you reach a good end of a good anime is so content but FMA is not just good it is probably a contender for best anime ever ^___^ *sigh*
    btw turns out i am 1 and a half inches taller than i thought
  • Mistwalker
    Not bothered with the new anime. the old one was great. i liked how it was different to the manga. the manga is like the 2nd best manga ever. Yotsubato is first.
    er you were on tip toe and that doesnt count :P ur still a shortie :D
  • Mistwalker
    Her new manga about a farm is pretty good too
  • Jadore_Violet
    I never read the manga but i like both anime versions.
    i will read yotsubato then if i can find it ^-^
    I don't mind if i am a shortie =P I would rather be shorter than taller.
  • Mistwalker
    whys that? Been up to anything nice, or just lazing around now tour a NEET :P
    www.mangareader.net or www.mangafox.com
  • Jadore_Violet
    why would i rather be shorter? i just don't like being taller than other people i don't like having to look down at friends and avoid wearing heals. also i think the perfect hug is when i am the shorter person ^-^

    just keeping on top my Japanese study. still haven't finished my CV. going to stay at my friends again to practice. i did say before that i sing right? he plays guitar and we are practicing to record mainly covers but trying to write new as well.

    *places her hand on his forehead*
    have you got a cold?
  • Mistwalker
    *huggles her to test out her theory*
    you did say bout the singing before but not trying to get a band as such. good luck with that :)
    ;P feeling rather hot ;) might be a fever miss rather than a cold.
  • Jadore_Violet
    thanx. at first we where just messing about but I suppose it is starting to become a band ^-^ i hope it is leading somewhere good.

    *squeeze* yes shorter is better but you are rather warm. *releasing herself from encercled arms*
    i guess no more hugs for now i don't want to cause your fever to go up ;) nor do i wish to catch anything.

    may be you have over worked yourself with all those extra chores you poor thing you.
  • Mistwalker
    Weekends almost over :( didn't nurse me back to health then :P Back to work already but got a week off following week :D
    What you been up to? Sing well?
  • Jadore_Violet
    ended up not doing any practice. not really done much been lazing about again.
    ^-^ good 4 u you. got plans for your week off?
  • Mistwalker
    :P So lazy!! :P
    Studying and playing MH:Tri i think :D and mayb go out if the weathers nice
  • Jadore_Violet
    I wont be lazy any more my oblivion list is huge again because i slacked off ^~^ although i have done a couple more chapters of Japanese for busy people ^_^ so not too lazy.

    btw I am reading yotsuba& now ^-^ its cute and funny but i don't see what makes it the best manga ever?
  • Mistwalker
    >_> Its hilarious!! and she is so cute. funniest manga ever and can make me laugh no matter how many times i read it. cheers me up and i know loads of ppl who think the same. Are you reading english trans or scanlation?
  • Jadore_Violet
    :S erm I am reading this one http://www.mangareader.net/132/yotsubato.html
    i am not too keen on the translator tho. when i read the notes i always think they are very lazy and some bits they explain as being difficult to translate I always end up thinking well you could have said this or that better.
    even if it is the Funniest manga ever that doesn't make it THE BEST manga ever.
  • Mistwalker
    >_> Well i think it is :P FMA comes in close second tho.
  • Jadore_Violet
    =P well each to there own. i wonder if the author has a child, yotsuba reminds me of my little sister. like how she often says big words that are unexpected of a child ^-^ or when you explain something and say "you understand?" and they say "yes" but you know they don't really lol
  • Mistwalker
    Yep i think thats part of the key to its appeal is that you can relate to your childhood with some things or some other little child around you. its just so great how Yotsuba views things XD

    I have all the Japanese volumes ^^ Makes me laugh out loud and never fails to cheer me up ^^

    Sorry have been busy ironing and looking after the cat. What you been up to?
  • Jadore_Violet
    *hug* (>^_^)>

    Really not been up to much... lol i fell asleep on the train yesterday and nearly missed my stop. i was so tired because i had pulled an allnighter from the day before...I sometimes do this to quick fix my sleeping patterns or lack there of.
  • Mistwalker

    Hello Chibi-chan. Sorry not been on in ages. Have had to put our cat down :( So not really felt like studying or doing much. What you been up to?
  • Jadore_Violet
    I was starting to wonder if you had given up on jcjp. its nice to hear from you again but i am sorry about your cat RIP 猫ちゃん
    other than some singing practice and reading more manga than usual I've been doing a lot of nothing ~_~ i really need to get my act together.got to start doing more productive activities on a daily basis.
    i never thought i would miss the structure of school or college but now i long for it ^~^
  • Jadore_Violet
    sort of a shame that Eccleston's time as the doctor was only one series. i didnt think about it when they first changed to tennant (who i do adore as number 10) but after re-watching it would have been nice for the 9th doctor to have had a few more episodes don't you think?
    i didn't manage to find DVDs so i've been watching online.
    did you watch lets kill hittler?
    besides that what u bin up to? how are you?
  • Mistwalker
    o/ Hello Violet-san. Gomen Gomen. Ah its been 3 years O.o wowsies

    Finally trying to get back in to studying Japanese and remembered this site. I forgot about this site for so long and now come back to do some studying Japanese ^^ How are you? What you been up to? Watching the new doctor?
  • Mistwalker
    Kik = Mistwalker1985
  • Mistwalker
    *Pokes* Not talking to me? T_T