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Evening, Still not familiarised myself with all the features here yet so… - Feed Post by Mistwalker


Still not familiarised myself with all the features here yet so apologise if it's there and I haven't encountered it yet... Things like the kanji 山, 木 or 川 I know instantly, so is there a way to only get vocab/kanji that you aren't familiar with? rather than get ones you already know.
posted by Mistwalker

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  • beeant

    Thank you for using JCJP, I hope that you will get familiar with JCJP soon.

    For first-time use, JCJP still doesn't recognize your progress, statistics, etc. So the system does not know what question to give you, what task to give you. It can only give you the basic ToDo list to do chapter tests, practice and to gain your level.

    As you start completing the tasks in your ToDo list, JCJP system will automatically build your statistics. Vocabulary statistics, Kanji statistics, note progress, etc. It will start building stats for each vocabularies and kanji.

    After those statistics are built dynamically, JCJP will know what are the vocabularies that you are weak at, vocabularies that you might forget, your good vocabularies. Based on that, JCJP will be able give you recommended tasks/to do list based on those statistics (Weak List, Oblivion List will appear on your ToDo List).

    I hope that you can understand my explanation.

    For now, please just follow the ToDo list. See what you need to do from there. The ToDo list feature is built for you to keep up your learning progress based on your personalized statistics.

    Enjoy~ :D
  • Mistwalker
    Thanks for the info. I'm slowing exploring things other than the lessons, test ans practice areas! guess i just have to study more and take things slow rather than try to rush then.
  • beeant
    Ya, just take it easy. If you have any problem, or any parts that is difficult to understand, please tell me.

    I am trying to make this site to be as easy as possible to understand.
  • Mistwalker
    Thanks, mostly easy to use, and a great site. Glad i found it is helping me greatly learn new vocab in a fun way. Will you be expanding to include a grammar section in the lessons?
  • beeant
    about grammar, ya, there are many requests about grammar. but I'm still considering how to create a system to automate grammar questions and answers.. it is really difficult seems grammar is so complex.

    For now, I am planning to implement reading feature where users can learn grammar seamlessly.

    So the step to use the reading section is just to read and then do quiz on the vocabularies found in the reading article. It seems like the reading system is still focusing on vocabulary, however, I believe that user can learn grammar seamlessly. Meaning, user can grasp grammatical structure while reading the article.

    What do you think about this?
  • Mistwalker
    Ooh I like that idea of a reading section, you could have more difficult paragraphs to read the higher the level goes, or some with no furigana, or in kana only, lots of scope that you could use for that. Reading section should teach grammer as you go through, might have to put some notes in or allow for explanations if there are more complex or of irregular structure sentences so people can understand, but i really like the idea of a reading section.
  • beeant
    Thank you for your opinion. I will start working on the reading section now. I'm thinking to make reading section only for level 6 users. I think it makes more sense as it requires at least some basic vocabularies and kanji to read Japanese articles.

    So be level 6 ASAP :D
  • Mistwalker
    haha :P I'll get there soon! I'm working on memorizing the new vocabs and kanji for the time being rather than worry about my level. Thanks for all the updates and improvements on this site that you're doing.