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はじめまして。Wow, you’ve really picked up quite a lot of EXP in first couple of days since starting!… - Feed Post from Mistwalker to shera_tamaki

はじめまして。Wow, you’ve really picked up quite a lot of EXP in first couple of days since starting! Stolen back today's top spot from you :p がんばって。どうぞよろしく。
posted by Mistwalker

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  • shera_tamaki
    hajimemashite.. Mistwalker san.. :-).. i just found this site yesterday..so still eager to learning..hehe.. anata mo..ganbatte ne... kochira koso..yoroshiku ^_^
  • Mistwalker
    haha that's good to hear ^_^ hope the eagerness to learn stays! how long you been studying Japanese for? This site is really great! I've probably learnt and memorised more vocab here in a week than I have in the past year XD Muu meanie, taking back todays #1 :P haha
  • shera_tamaki
    yeah... i hope too..
    I've been studying since 2008 (if not mistaken).. but on-off..on-off.. change to one site to another.. demo.. mada dame.. :-D. This site helps me to catch up with vocabs & kanji.. (even, i haven't started any kanji writting lesson yet..hehe).. how abt u?... how long have u been studying japanese?..
    isshouni ganbaremashou ne..
    jya.. mata ^_^
  • Mistwalker
    Hmm for about 2 1/2 years now i guess. bit the same on-off. Mostly self study but done a beginners and low intermediate course. also know most of grade 1 and 2 kanji. main problem with me is particles XD hate them. love this site for vocab learning, it makes it fun rather than tedious.
  • shera_tamaki
    for me..not just particles..the grammar too make me sick.... anyhow.....i just love the language so much..what to do.. ;-)
  • Mistwalker
    haha. Don't worry I'm sure it'll all come together eventually and be able to know a great deal of Japanese. Be much easier to study if you like/love something. ^_-
  • Mistwalker
    Wow you're storming ahead with the tests lately! Almost caught me up :P I guess I best study more!
  • shera_tamaki
    hahaha..osakini.. :-D
  • Mistwalker
    Haha you little liar :P only on todays score! overall still a bit in the lead... just you seem to be closing the gap each day. not overtaken me yet
  • shera_tamaki
  • Mistwalker
    Muu~ I think its gonna be time for a challenge soon! =P
  • shera_tamaki
    sou ne.. hahaha..
  • Mistwalker
  • shera_tamaki
    itsumo genki desu.. :-).. arigatou.. anata wa genki?
    isogashii janai kedo.. kochi no internet wa..saikin not good.. :-(
  • Mistwalker
    よろこんで(シェラタマキちゃんは)だいじょうぶだ聞くことができる。はい、元気です。長い週末を降りた!^_^ 天気はすてきで、勉強しながら、音楽を聞いている。Aww that sucks. Hope you get that sorted out soon, am missing my rival ;P (Hurry up and get Japanese fonts installed too! Or are you not good with Japanese script only romaji??)
  • shera_tamaki
    Japanese font が あるよ。。:-) ただ 怠る 。。hehe..
    We’re really had bad internet connection these days. Can connect but the speed..arghhh…おそい なああ 。。よくわからない。。かたつむりみたいです。。How I missed my lesson. :-(



    シェラだけ。。呼んでください。。(actually the pronunciation is follow English SHEra-シラ) 。
    私はcurtain makerです..小さな home business..
    Mistwalkerさんの仕事は何?。。大学生? Which part of UK do u live in?

    あの。。。Before I forgot.. William王子さまの結婚、UK と Mistwalkerさんに。。おめでとう。。まえの結婚式 (Diana姫さまの結婚式)、そのとき私はただ7さいでした 
    it’s been 30years.. だね?..
    Few TVs here will show the live broadcast from UK.

  • Mistwalker
    Sorry i take ages typing this out. am still very slow with Japanese writing...

    さあ、(日本語、かんこく、中国)音楽を聞くのが大好きです。私は音楽のしゅるいの多くが好き! そっこんでは(私は)「イミー」と「黒木 メイサ」と「G.E.M(Get everybody moving)」と聞いたりいる。

    Sorry I guessed as best I could with the katakana name. ごめんなさい。シラちゃんですね?

    おばあちゃんじゃないの!-_^ あなたは12才年上です!?

    ぼくは(南)イングランドに住んでいる。ええと~仕事は。。。No idea what it is in Japanese and not even going to attempt it XD Work at local Council and have many job roles. シラちゃん、一人で働いていますか。


    私はあなたの)友人と楽しいと思っている。天気が明日であることを晴れと思っている。At least I hope I said that right! Have fun ^_^
  • shera_tamaki
    Hi Mistwalker san,
    Ogenki desuka?
    Henji wa osokunate..gomen ne
    Shibaraku shigoto wa chotto isogashii..
    Mistwalker san no 'lesson' ga dou desuka?..
    Take care..
    Mata ne..

    ~ Shera
    p/s: Watashi mo onaji dayo.. i'm still not good in reading/writing japanese. It feels like kindergarten..heheh...
  • Mistwalker
    donmai donmai shera-chan. Thats okay i guess :P i prefer it in Japanese as good practice and romaji slows learning (ha - wa). even tho i am a really slow writer. reading is so-so.

    hai, genki desu. okay i suppose, busy lately and had family round so didn't get to do as much studying as i'd like... had fun doing an Easter egg hunt ^_^.

    How many people work for your business? or are you alone?
  • Mistwalker
    Hows your studying going?
  • shera_tamaki
    aaaa...u write again to me first.. はずかしい。。 とにかく。。 本当にありがとう。。
    it seems my study getting slow lately.. :-(

    Mistwalkerさんの日本語のべんきょう どうですか?。。
    u must have been taking a lead far..far from me...

    I've been working as admin clerk for 11 years... and then made a decision to start a business...だから。。一月から。。businessに はじまた。。
    いままでは私はまだ一人。。 yes you are right.. I'm still alone doing this business... since it's custom made curtain, my jobs are depends on customers order.. before I just doing it for fun... for friends and relatives.. so this year.. i want to make it as serious business.

    じかんがあるから。。見てください。。私のphoto gallery (http://fotologue.jp/daisydaise) :-)

    so how many eggs did u manage to get during Easter? :-)

    oh yes.. u did ask about shumi.. 私のしゅみは。。えと。。なんだけ?。。 actually i don't have any specific hobby... ときどきnovelに読みます。。。。 日本のドラマを見ます。。 but mostly i think..i watch drama more than reading..


    ああ。。そのまえ。。you called me Shera-Chan... hahaha.. it sounds so cute to me and make me feel young.... i sometimes write as シェラ too だから。。大丈夫だよ。。 私の本当の名前は。。ヤシラーです。。it's an arabic word.. meaning 'easy'..or 'simple'.. think about it.. it almost same as japanese word yasashii..which means 'easy' too.. hehe

    By the way.. what makes you study Japanese?.. 



  • Mistwalker
    Ooh Fancy. Did you really make all of them? I like the one with Pink flower on it. Some designs personally I’m not sure about but they all look really well made. がんばって。



    ええと。Is Shera-chan calling herself simple or easy!?! O.o シラちゃんエッチですね?

    さあ。。病気でしたから。Long illness and there was a week dedicated to Japanese films. I loved them, then went looking for more things to entertain me, loved the music, then manga and anime and finally Dramas. Then I wanted to learn it more as it seemed fun. How about you?

  • Mistwalker
    nyah nyah - genki desu ka?
  • shera_tamaki
    itsumo genki desu yo... :-D
    anata wa?
  • Mistwalker
    saa genki demo tsumaranaidesu :(
  • shera_tamaki
    eeh...'tsumaranai'tte nande?.. shuumatsu no tanoshii no koto arimasen ka? eiga to ka..detto to ka..nai?
  • Mistwalker
    kyou ha aianingu wo okonaimasu... mainichiyoubi. :( kyou ha nan desu ka.

    detto? did you mean deeto? kanojo ga nai.

    you didn't answer last post either which was a week ago :P
  • shera_tamaki
    ahahaha... gomen...gomen... sono 'post'wa mada henji ne.. .. sure I'll answer.. ato ne... :-D

    by the way.. when said.. about person or living thing.. you should say "kanojo ga INAI".. i made that kind of mistake too in the past..hehehe... a song title "kimi no inai heya de".. i mistakenly thought it means "you don't have a room"..hehe.. while the actual meaning was "you are not in the room"
  • Mistwalker
    whoops >_> that was a rookie error. I need more practice!
  • shera_tamaki
    Henji ga... :-)

    Thanks for the compliment of my curtains… yes.. I’ve made them all…. the one with pink flower called ‘Scallop’….でも 私はまだPro だよ。。もう 時間がかかりそう still long way to go…  うん。。これから がんばります。。。

    私も日本と韓国と音楽聴きます。。English songも好き。。私もJDorama を見ます。。今から。。Taiga Dorama – GOU を見ています..

    Donna Jdorama, anata wa..suki desuka?

    About name…ahaaa.. I think u misunderstood me… What I was trying to say.. ..my real name is Yasirah.. it’s from Arabic word means “Simple” or “Easy”.. to me it almost the same sound as japanese word Yasashii which means also “Simple or Easy”… but me..myself.. I think I’m a complicated person..hehehe… 

    Ano...Long illness?..may I know what kind of illness?.. Hope u r already cure from the illness.

    By the way.. how did I fall in love with Nihongo?.. hmmm
    じつは。。私は日本人artist, Tamaki Hiroshi さん大好きだから。。毎日。。毎日。。あの人のdoramaとmovieを見た。。あの人の歌も聴いた..and without realized.. I fall in love with his language too… so that was where the story begin.. ..いつか….. if I had chance met him.. I want to speak Japanese with him… hahaha..
    バカだね私.. :-)

    sore dake desu..

    mata ohanashi shimashou..ne


  • Mistwalker
    さあ、私はJドラマの多くが好きです。Hero、Trick、At home dad,Kiina、Mr.Brain,Etc etc.ミステリとクライムのドラマが一番好き。

    Actors:木村拓哉 (きむら たくや)、阿部寛 (あべ  ひろし)と 瑛 太 (えいた)。
    Actresses:観月ありさ(みずき ありさ)、滝沢沙織 (たきざわ  さおり)、綾瀬はるか (あやせ はるか)、と柴咲コウ (しばさき こう)。 
    To name a few, I like a lot more, but my fave ones.
    Crohns. Nope, no cure.
    >_> Oh of course, should have guessed that from the name… language not the only thing you fell in love with then :P
    聴  –>  聞く=To Listen. Better to use this when you talk about listening. Can also mean to ask in another context.
  • shera_tamaki
    guess i'm the only one 'fell' in love with language..hahaha.. thanks for correcting..

    Crohns wa..hajimete kiita.. no cure?..oh..kawaisou.. karada ni wo kiotsukete ne..
  • Mistwalker
    fall in love was correct when you used it as a question, as is fell in love. Just the tense of sentence is different depending on context.


  • shera_tamaki
    今、時間がちょっとありませんから。。勉強は。。少しずつ。。 少しずつ。。 :-D
  • Mistwalker
  • shera_tamaki
    by the way.. how do u study kanji?.. I'm still having difficulty to remember... atama ga warui.. :-(
  • Mistwalker
    I don't study kanji on this site really. I use this as a review of kanji I already know and if I pick up any and remember them then its a bonus.

    For me i have to write the kanji so I can see the stroke order. I don't try to remember every part of the kanji but at least the main reading of it.

    I have a series with 4 kanji books (2 beginner, 2 intermediate). Genki 1+2 and Japanese for busy people 1-3.
    White rabbit flash cards, and print outs of grade 1 - 6 kanji posted up around my room so that I can look at them everyday even if its just a glance to refresh my mind of them.

    I know about 350 Kanji now after 20months-ish of study and can probably read/recognize about 200 more.

    I would advise going through in order of grades. Perhaps also look at JLPT Level as you go along.

    Hope that helps Shera-tan ^_^
  • shera_tamaki
    urayamashii naaa...demo tips wa..arigatou ne...
    guess i need to re-arrange my study method...

    p/s: 'shera-tan'tte... kawaii :-D
  • Mistwalker
    Yep ^_^ I know all of grade 1 and the majority of grade 2. The rest come from Kanji that are often used 'yasui - cheap' 'dare - who' or words like 'shashin - photograph'.
    As you learn the easier ones, some of these make up radicals for harder kanji making them easier to remember and give a clue to there meaning.
    Of course you need to review them occasionally to make sure that you can still recognise them.
    Shera-tan nyah nyah ^_-

    How many kanji does Shera-tan know?
    se ga takai desu ka? hikui desu ka?
  • shera_tamaki
    konbanwa.. Mistwalker kun :-)
    i guess u can already read manga.. sugoi..sugoi.. ( i can read manga too..but with english translation..hahaha)

    well.. not many kanji i can remember.. most of them like simple kanji as 1-2 or 3 strokes or basic words..tatoeba: 口(くち)、日(ひ)、人(ひと)、花(はな)、 水(みず)、 上(うえ)、 下(した)、火(ひ)、花火(はなび)、千(せん), 目(め)、行く(いく)、金(きん)、気、木、本、


    eto.. watashi wa se ga takaku arimasen... hikui desu.. :-)

  • Mistwalker
    konbanwa shera-tan ;)

    saa... kinda >_> if it is easy then yes, but there are still lots of vocab i don't know and endings or contractions that confuse me :(

    hmm I also advise learning in groups as well. eg numbers 1-10, 100, 1000, 10000. days of the week. simple verbs. simple adjectives. time. size and direction (left, right, up, down). body parts. etc etc. Makes things easier :) hope this helps.

    Most frequently used Kanji:

    Kanji Grades:
    Start with level 1 as these are what are taught in school.

    hehe ochibichan :P *pats her on the head*
  • shera_tamaki
    chibi chan?..hahaha.... i was just abt to use that word.. :-))

    'tips' to 'url' wo..iro iro arigatou ne..hontou ni.. ;-)

    aa..just to share with u..
    私の玉木宏さんの新しいシンガルアルバム - Free - MV..

    楽しみにして下さい。。ね。。..(it's been released today.. chotto ureshii yo.. ^-^ )

  • Mistwalker
    はい、ちびちゃんです。 ちび人とてもかわいい!


    あなたの玉木宏さん?!? XD

    >_>さあ はいはいStalker-san 見えるしました。。。たぶん :p

    Then I'll share with you too ;) http://www.jpopasia.com/group/girlsgeneration/videos/mr-taxi::12145.html

  • Mistwalker
    *Tickles Shera-tan as is bored*
  • shera_tamaki
    ahh..yokatta..it got thru.. the message, i mean.. my net connection suck again.. when i post comment.. everything is gone..

    hmmm...stalker janai yo.. tada FAN dake.. :-).. hehehe..

    ima..sono Mr.Taxi kiiteiru.. eeeh.. kawai onna no ko suki nano ne.. :-))
  • Mistwalker
    Eto saa... sono uta wa maamaa desu :/ not the best i've heard but not the worst either.

    hai totemo kawaii onna desu ne.
  • Mistwalker
    Hiya Shera-tan, kyou ha dou?
  • shera_tamaki
    Konbanwa... Mistwalker kun..

    eee..kyou ha..chotto tsukareta
    just got home after 2 days outstation.. demo.. ureshii yo.. tomodochi ni atta... it's been 14 years since our last met :-)

    anata no 'weekend' wa dou desuka?
  • shera_tamaki
  • Mistwalker
    Sounds fun. long time since you last met then!
    >_> dull. today is ironing day again :(

    Doctor who was really good tho!
  • Mistwalker
    *tickles shera-tan as is bored*
  • shera_tamaki
    finish already your ironing activity?.. :-)) was just abt to send some clothes for u to iron..hahah..just kiddig..
    sou ieba... England ni wa..doko ni sunde iru no?..London ka?
  • Mistwalker
    Does Shera-tan plan to hand deliver them? So Shera-tan wouldn't mind me seeing her underwear and clothes then if i did the laundry for her? ;P

    Strange how i get asked that alot by people to do theirs when i say i do all the ironing and enjoy it...
    Yes, as Sunday is my ironing day >_>

    Eto saa, gomen hanasani. ichi ka ni jikan gurai rondon ni atta >_< (that doesnt sound right i mean away from London)
  • Mistwalker
    *playfully slaps shera-tans お尻 to get her attention* :D Too hot today to study :( or do anything really, Shera-tan wa doko?
  • Mistwalker