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Why are the majority of echoes only complaints? orz - Feed Post by shuheihan

Why are the majority of echoes only complaints? orz
posted by shuheihan

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  • EchoGreen
    Students are way to serious..
  • beeant
    maybe because I haven't been tinkering around fixing problems.. I'm so sorry.. I'm still confused about where to start..
  • shuheihan
    lol well I don't have many problems with the site. So I was just thinking people should be trying to have more fun than dwell on what's wrong.
  • beeant
    It's important for me to know what's wrong. It's just I need a secretary / project manager to list all the problem and sort them according to the importance of each. haha
  • shuheihan
    haha well I understand that. I was just pointing out that it was pretty much all complaints and no one having fun. If I try to use IE for JC then I get errors too. I took a course about project management in school but I have no experience with it. =p lol
  • beeant
    Ya, JCJP doesn't really have a good support on IE. Maybe you can help me with it, if you want.
    Right now I'm focusing on making JCJP to run faster. When I get back to Japan I will move JCJP to a new server.




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