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Hey beeant, thanks as always for your site. I enjoy coming here to do practice drills every so… - Feed Post from shuheihan to beeant

Hey beeant, thanks as always for your site. I enjoy coming here to do practice drills every so often. I have a suggestion about the practice drills now that you have added oblivion words. I don't know if this has been suggested before or not but I guess it doesn't hurt to hear it again if you have. I'd like to have an option in the practice mode to set it to show oblivion words more often or at a higher priority. It's taking me a pretty long time to get down my oblivion list since I was inactive for a while yet at the same time I often encounter words that I have just seen minutes or even seconds before. Being able to prioritize words I haven't seen in a long time is also better practice overall. Thanks in advance for reading.
posted by shuheihan

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  • Medyrius
    Hi there shuheihan and hi B-san, I think it's a very good suggestion we have here... I'm also having a hard time taking down my list via the practice...
    It can be done fast directly in the oblivion tab but there's no combo counter in oblivion tab...

    Knowing b-san i'm kind of sure it's done purposedly :P

    Since oblivion is popping out in the practice, why not just make a filter for them like the ones with the levels...
  • shuheihan
    Yeah, of course it's quickest to eliminate oblivion words in its tab but when you are practicing, it really doesn't help to mostly see words you've just seen. From a studying point of view it's best to keep practicing words you aren't always seeing. Chances are if you haven't seen a word in 200 days you might not remember it. So it would be pretty helpful to be able to set a priority for words such as those.
  • Medyrius
    Damn right!
    Now I'm sure B-san will do something about that...
  • beeant

    Thank you for your comments, and I'm sorry for my late reply.

    Yes, since practice is oftenly used by JCJP users, especially to take attendance and combo, I agree that there is a need to improve the algorithm of question selection in practice.

    The current probabilities of question selection in random practice are
    .25 new
    .25 weak
    .50 oblivion
    if you don't have any of them, it would fetch a complete random question.

    From this probability, I think Oblivion is already set to be higher priority.

    There might be some bug in the implementation of the current algorithm.
    Either there is a bug or not, I'm thinking to modify the code a little bit.

    So the modification I'm thinking is to add last encountered condition.

    .25 new
    .25 weak (oldest encounter or last encounter > 1 hour)
    .50 oblivion
    total random (oldest encounter or last encounter > 1 hour)

    I believe this simple modification would prevent the system to select questions that you have just encountered a short time ago.

    As for the UI modification to include oblivion and weak only selection in practice settings, this is a really good idea. but I'm still wondering about the current oblivion/weak list only test page (in the To Do list).
    The reason why I want to keep them in To Do list is because:

    1. I want to make them to be the priority of your to do list.

    2. You can list and study your oblivion/weak vocabularies/kanji. and after you study you can test it right away. (step by step) 15 questions per test.

    So the solution for this is that I can implement the oblivion/weak selection on practice settings, and at the same time, we can keep them in To Do list as well.

    What do you think about this?
  • beeant
    I just tried to implement this condition:
    selecting weak and oldest encounter.

    It seems like this operation is kind of heavy for the server, so it slows down the question loading time.

    This is one of the crucial problems I'm having now for the growth of JCJP.
    There are many more complex algorithms that I want to implement. Such as making JCJP more personalized to each user. Showing more personalized information for each users about vocabularies/kanji that you have learned, and other interesting information that requires some computer processing power.

    I'm hoping that there are more people who will consider and be generous to make donation.




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