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Hey ^^ Thanks for the friend request, Where u from? - Feed Post from Medyrius to kishiro

Hey ^^
Thanks for the friend request,
Where u from?
posted by Medyrius

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  • kishiro
    Hello there :) . I'm from Malaysia. Have you take JLPT test? I'll be taking the JLPT exam this July, and i need some advice on exam tips :)
  • Medyrius
    Unfortunately, saying "ganbatte" is about everything I can do for you :D
    I haven't taken any JLPT yet, I'd really like to do it sometime but I

    I know someone who could help you out with some advice though : http://japaneseclass.jp/user/statistics/17551
    He's taking JLPT N3 soon

    So, what are your reasons for learning jap?
  • Medyrius
    Damn message lunched off before I finished writing ^_^'
    I wanted to say that right now JLPT isn't fitting into my schedule...
  • kishiro
    gee, tq :)~ uhm, the real reason is maybe bcuz i've japs dna lollll(my grandma is jap) other than me and my bro, no one knows japs in my family... maybe that's the reasons why i learned jap. i've been studying japs for 8 years, just now i wish to take the jlpt lol. uhm, u think am i able to pass the n4? or should i just take the n5 first?? ... btw, feel free to add me at facebook :) just search for Happy Farida(i got captain kitteh as my profile pic ;D)

    how about you? is it becuz you like anime hee?
  • Medyrius
    Hachinenkan datou? sore ha sugoi! I don't think I'm the right person to ask but I'm pretty sure you must have the level to skip n5 if you really want, but it certainly wouldn't harm to take it as well, at least to get familiar with the exam environment and stuff...

    You got it right about me ^^. Unlike many people here, my only reason for learning jap is related to animes. I think I wouldn't even have known about jap's existence if it weren't animes...
    So far I've been learning for fun mainly but I plan to take some it more seriously once I have more time (After university maybe), and then I'll surely consider taking JLPT ^^

    Unfortunately, I'm no facebook user but thanks for the offer ;)
    Soreyori, what do you do for a living?
  • kishiro
    Yappari, otaku yo ne haha. most people learned japs becuz of anime lol.i'm a 3rd year student of psycology school. i'll be graduated this november. Rite now i'm looking for partner so i can practice for jlpt and kansai ben~~ Wanna practice with me :)? eto, btw the way, i'm an otaku also n j-rock-v-kei fans~ so what kind of anime do you prefer?
  • Medyrius
    Ouaw that's impressive! ^^ I think it's my first time meeting such a young psychologist ;) Must be kind of tough to learn, isn't it?

    It's Ok for me! just give me the signal if you want to swith to japanese for conversing ;)
    I'm not sure if I can really help with Kansai but it sounds fun to give a try. Actually I happen to hear rather often in animes but I've never tried to learn its principles... Maybe you can teach me some :)

    Hmm the kind of animes I like... Well it's actually kind of hard to tell since I'm not into animes since too long (5 years more or less), but I think I'm not too picky about the kinds... I'm OK as long as it's in japanese and has some charismatic characters and an interesting story...
    Right now my favourite is One Piece, but I like Naruto Shippuden and Bleach as well. I'm also watching Fairy Tail and Beelzebub wich are kind of amusing...
    So, How about you?
  • kishiro
    LOL, nope at all. the learning is very fun(4 me) :). yup~ after the exam i want to master kansai ben hehe. my kind of anime is only Shounen, tantei, adventure+ funny anime. i don't like shoujoish anime. So ur anime list is on my top anime haha xcept 4 naruto. i just wait 4 the part when sasuke dies..
  • Medyrius
    I think that kansai dialect is gonna be tough to master unless you really move to a jap kansai speaking area. Do you plan to travel to japan sometime?

    It's my first time meeting a girl that doesn't like shoujo animes ^^, sounds unreal haha, but I guess you have your reasons for not liking ;)
    Omg you hate the uchiha boy that much?? Well I'm not pretty sure kishimoto is gonna let that happen though... Is he really going to die or it's just that you want him to? :P
  • kishiro
    yup.sure thing:) I love japan. no, it's real i don't like shoujo anime :D..MOE moe sugiru.lol, actually in the past i like sasuke, but recently i felt that sasuke is annoying for some reason... (i'm gonna die if sasuke's fan hears this ;D..) i JUST hope he will die in the comic haha, but i do hear some rumors that says so.. maybe he's going to die on the story line. btw, what's the best shonen anime now? can u recomanded some?
  • Medyrius
    Well... As I said earlier, I'm not into animes since too long... And so far I've been busy catching up with the top rated animes with hundreds of episodes to watch o_O... I'm not even done yet lol. I've started both Bleach and One Piece this year and I'm still not up to date...
    The only "young" shounen's I know are Fairy tail and Beelzebub, if you're not already watching'em I'd recommend those...

    As for sasuke, I don't really want him to die but if he really keeps up with his devilish actions, no doubt death is all that awaits him...
    have you watched death note already?
  • kishiro
    aa, gomen ne wasureta;D..FAIRY TAIL? Aye sir, i've watched it already. death note? meccha sukiyo :D. L is so kakkoi deshou ;D,

    till then, jya~