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こんにちは!さしぶりです、barusamikosu! After seeing some images of black rock shooter… - Feed Post from azunekon to barusamikosu


After seeing some images of black rock shooter with hatsune miku from your profile and some youtube fanmade videos, that led me to watch the anime of it itself. it turn out to be that the anime was quite new too, haha (well, the OVA is older, and i havent watch that one yet, still watching the series of it, which is still new). So, i am guessing that you are a fan of it. What do you think about it? so far, from little that i know of about it, i think it's good. at least its anime. well, i like hatsune miku's songs too, haha. Ok, see ya!
posted by azunekon

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  • azunekon
    (and hope you dont mind this curiosity of mine about your interest, eheh)
  • barusamikosu
    こんばんは, azunekonさん. ひさしぶりですー

    I'm a fan! I got into Vocaloid a couple of years ago after seeing a lot of videos with Miku in them. I'm not as knowledgeable as most fans are, though. I just have a small selection of favorite Vocaloid songs I listen to every now and then.

    You're just the opposite of me in regards to Black Rock Shooter. I haven't seen the series; just the OVA. I really enjoyed it, and even gave it a few repeat viewings!

  • azunekon
    ah, i see. はい。then maybe next time i should watch the OVA then. And i suggest you watch the black rock shooter's anime series too! haha.
    And don't worry, I like em (both black rock shooter and miku hatsune), yet i also dono that much about em. I only have some songs of Miku Hatsune too, so pretty much like in your case.
    OK, thanks for letting me know about your interest! はりがとう、barusamikosu-くん!