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how do you challenge some one and what does it mean? - Feed Post by Dorayakiko

how do you challenge some one and what does it mean?
posted by Dorayakiko

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  • Medyrius
    YO, a challenge is when you defy another user at Time Attack.
    You have to reach a combo of 10 as fast as you can and if you did faster than your oppenent did, then you're the winner...

    In a challenge you can either be sender or receiver.

    - sender : You're the once to defy another user, your time is stored somewhere and you have to wait for the oppenent to take the challenge and when he's done, the best time 's the winner.
    When you're sender you have the advantage to choose the question mode (levels and question type), you can choose what you feel comfortable with...

    - receiver: same as sender but in the other way around.
    Some defied you and then he waits for you to take the challenge...
    If you're receiver you have to do with the question mode your opponent has set...

    To challenge someone, you need to access his profile there you'll find the challenge button at the extreme opposit of his avatar...
  • Dorayakiko
    is it too hard?
  • Dorayakiko
    I actually lost all my challenges :( so it says LOSER in big letters