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治る, isnt't this the word for "repair, fix"? - Feed Post by Dorayakiko

治る, isnt't this the word for "repair, fix"?
posted by Dorayakiko

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  • Nico_Yacuzzi
    1: to be cured; to get well; to be healed;
    2: to get mended; to be repaired; to be fixed.
    As far as Iknow, the difference between them is that 治る is intransitive, while 直す is transitive.
  • mog86uk
    直る/治る both read なおる, and 直す/治す both read なおす.
    Using either kanji would seem to give exactly the same meaning. I guess there may be a preferable kanji to use in both cases, or maybe people often used the incorrect ones and now both are accepted, idk.

    The two kanji have different meanings; but, there is still only one なおる verb and only one なおす verb, as far as I can tell.
  • Dorayakiko
    oh thanks
    I sort of got mixed up!