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Can somebody translate these for me? - Feed Post by thenewjapboy

Can somebody translate these for me?

posted by thenewjapboy

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  • mog86uk
    The picture is very small (281x158) with blurry little words.
    Are you not able to upload a higher resolution picture?

    Also, not knowing any context about the picture makes it more difficult to guess what the characters should be.
    Although, I'm guessing the picture is probably taken from a game? And, judging by the map and the date, I'm guessing it's probably to do with war at the beginning of the Sengoku period of Japanese history?
  • animezamurai
    I'm not good at English, but I'll try it anyway.
    job: revenge
    target: 仙造senzou in 博多hakata
    client: the hostess of the bar in 奈良nara
    pay: 100貫kann
    goal: help to revenge for the girl in town.
    result: nothing
    deadline: 48 days
  • thenewjapboy
    Thank You.