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お客様 = 'guest, costumer' rofl. Anyone found any funnier misspellings/typos? - Feed Post by mog86uk

お客様 = 'guest, costumer' rofl. Anyone found any funnier misspellings/typos?
posted by mog86uk

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  • beeant
    sorry for the misspellings. and thank you for letting me know. I have fixed it!
  • mog86uk
    This website is amazing, please don't apologise. お疲れ様でございました~♪

    Also, I kind of like misspellings of that type -- they make practice mode more enjoyable! I doubt anyone has ever been even slightly thrown off by 'costumer' instead of 'customer'; will kind of miss seeing that one now lol.

    However, there are a small few typos and word choices that really are combo breakers. A few words are spelt with a missing kana, which makes it seem like none of the reading answer choices are even allowed to be correct.

    I had a problem in practice mode recently, with a word having one of it's translation as 'stage' (I think). I think it may have been 段階, but I can't remember exactly. From the kanji, I remembered/thought it probably meant something like 'steps, level, order' etc, but the only translation given in the answers was 'stage'. When reading 'stage' I only thought of an acting stage, as I had come across words like 舞台 very recently. But one of the other options had a closer reading to 'level', so I thought 'Ah, must be that answer' instead... doh.