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Somehow my combo has reset since I was on last night? My points for… - Feed Post by mog86uk

Somehow my combo has reset since I was on last night?

My points for yesterday still says the same on my EXP history graph thing as my points did last night when I chose to stop with a decent combo of like 400+. Yet when I begin doing some more practice mode tonight, the first answer gives me 10 exp and says combo = 1, and my score for today is 10 exp so far (so no minuses from wrong answers)?

The only thing I can think of that I might have done to cause this is updating my web browser (Google Chrome). And also, when I came to this website tonight, I was logged out (unusual) and had to log in (either related to updating Chrome or someone else logged on my account)...
I don't really see how updating Chrome and getting logged out would have reset my combo though?

I'm not really that bothered about losing the combo, but there's definitely a bug somewhere...
Either a bug, or I guess it's possible (though ridiculously unlikely) that someone logged onto my account, got +60-120 exp by answering correct, then a load of minus exp by answering wrong, and they ended up with 0 exp and 0 combo... Then as their logging in caused my computer to be logged out, I then had to log in again, and as my points for the day showed as 0 exp, there was no way that it happened, lol... but I'm guessing it's just a bug... :P
posted by mog86uk

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  • beeant
    this gives me worry about security. Are you sure you are having this problem?

    JCJP allows you to have multiple logins in different machines / browsers. So the unusual log out you had might be caused by the expired session/cookies in the system.

    If you are logged out, that means the cookie/session would be cleared out. Only your maximum combo is stored in the database. I am really sorry for this problem. I have to make the program to save the current combo that you are working on. Please remind me when the new JCJP is released.

    About someone logging into your account, I have checked this month's access log by your username. There seem to be no problem, since all the log shows from similar IP address (same country).

    I wonder how this happened.
  • mog86uk
    Thank you for reading.

    I don't think there's anything security wise to worry about. I wasn't being serious about the possibility of someone logging onto my account, lol, but it's nice to know for definite it didn't happen, thanks. :)

    I guess somehow the combo got lost due to a session expiring, though it doesn't sound like it would effect combo. I've also had to re-enter most of my other username/passwords on other websites (maybe all) since updating Chrome... So updating seems to have done something.

    I was wondering if there is supposed to be any way to lose the combo without getting some negative exp? If you answer wrong in practice mode, you always get negative exp if you answer wrong...