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Protip (this only applies to you if you're serious about your vocabulary building): - Feed Post by BlackMuffin

Protip (this only applies to you if you're serious about your vocabulary building):

Don't leave for extended periods of time. Practice at least four to five times a week. See, through a strange turn of events I've been gone for the past week at least and now my mind is basically blank in terms of what I've learned in the past. Don't make the same mistake as me. You'll feel stupid.
posted by BlackMuffin

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  • Shadd
    I stopped japanese practice (not just this site use, I'm here since less than two weeks) for a couple months but though I did forget some stuff, most of it never left my mind.
    It's mostly personal, and a big factor is how you learn; practice like the one on this site is good for reviewing, but to actually learn something for the first time it's best doing that with a context (like the reading page there's here on JC), and with a good method (for example Heisig's stories' one).
    You basically need anchors to keep something in your head, if the head doesn't find a reason and a way to remember something, it forgets it.
  • BlackMuffin
    I somehow feel like the reading isn't a good resource until later on when your understanding of grammar (which I'm learning separately) is good enough for you to be able to sidestep the particles and other small components to just focus on the vocabulary.
  • Shadd
    That is true, of course. Learning vocabulary in a "raw" way like this though, is, as you experienced yourself, not really effective.
    Personally I learned the grammar first, using ways which also gave me some basic vocabulary for example sentences etc, then I went to increase my vocabulary.
    About the grammar, I recommend you this website, it's really straightforward and well made: http://www.guidetojapanese.org/learn/
  • BlackMuffin
    Oh. Alright, thanks!