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I'm always worried about how many practice questions I do because I don't want to level up faster… - Feed Post by BlackMuffin

I'm always worried about how many practice questions I do because I don't want to level up faster than I'm learning Kanji and Vocabulary. Seriously, at this point I've gotten to level 3 and I'm on chapter 1 Vocabulary and barely starting level 2 Kanji.

I need to get my ship together.
posted by BlackMuffin

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  • Nyuel
    Did you try clicking the settings option to the left when you're in the practice area? If you do that, you have the ability to decide what level of vocabulary questions you get. This way you can practice at your own pace, while still gaining levels and experience.

    I'm at level 3, but I have my practice questions set to give me only levels 1 and 2 until I master those. I hope this helps you somewhat. Good luck on your studies! :)
  • mog86uk
    I know how you feel. I tried to do that at the start; however, I found lessons to be more tedious than practice mode.

    In lessons, I've completed lv3 kanji and vocab lessons.
    But in practice mode, I'm at lv6 kanji and actually completed vocab...

    Lessons are much easier now as there's less stuff I don't know to memorise. However, it still feels tedious and I get bored of doing lessons quickly.

    It is probably better to do things the way you're trying to, as it seems more structured and steady paced.
    However, I prefer just haphazardly wandering through practice mode with logic, trial and error, and having it constantly refresh and jolt my memory.
    For the lessons side of things, I do more of that kind of learning elsewhere. (Although I still hope to complete them too, one day...)
  • arkanoid
    Build that ship :!P!
  • pierre_m
    I'm worried about the same thing. It would be nice if at least a second requirement for leveling up was that there were no outstanding new kanji or vocab.