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You know, sometimes I feel like I've really accomplished something within a day, then I look at… - Feed Post by BlackMuffin

You know, sometimes I feel like I've really accomplished something within a day, then I look at all the top 20 users and see how a few of them sometimes have 10k+ exp in a single day.

Then I realize that compared to them I'm not really trying that hard.
posted by BlackMuffin

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  • Mica
    You shouldn't think that way~
    Think that they have already tried so hard before that now their hard work is paying off and are getting a lot of combos on the practice~ ^^/

    Good luck becoming Trilingual Muffin~ That is my current goal as well~ :3
  • mog86uk
    I don't think the people hitting 10k+ exp in a day are necessarily trying harder than you. After playing this game a while, you sort of get good at just clicking the right answers without thinking about them too much.

    Once you reach a combo of 95+ your bonus is 10x and each answer gives your roughly 100 exp on average.
    After that, you can probably answer at least 5 and maybe up to 10 questions a minute. Then, as long as you don't get get a question wrong, after around 15-20 mins you should have 10k exp.
    If you screw up, then just working your way back to 95 combo probably gives you 4k+ exp.

    It was much harder back near when I started. Even if you had been learning Japanese a while before starting here, the game is pretty good at catching you out.

    After you get used to the way the game thinks and it's patterns, then it becomes a lot easier. You'll be able to relax, reflexively click the correct answer before you've barely looked at anything, instantly spot the traps without even thinking, and determine correct answers often based only on logic.
    Near the end, even if you don't know the correct answer, most of the time you'll probably recognise the three wrong answers as meaning something else.
  • Mica
    I have realized that as well~ in most instances~ I don't need to know what is the right answer as long as I know which are the wrong answers~

    It in a way makes me wonder how much am I really learning~ but in another way~ If I'm able to tell what is wrong~ then that is still a win~

    There are occasions where I am more curious on what one of the wrong words/kanji mean or how it is pronounced rather than on what is the correct answer~
    I wish there was an option to more easily re-direct myself to that kanji/words' dictionary page~ or a simpler way to copy it~ as I sometimes try to highlight then copy it and end up pressing that option by mistake causing me to lose exp/combo's~ lol~

    But I guess I should just be less lazy and type out the Hiragana displayed while using the Japanese Keyboard setting to get the kanji~ as practice~
  • mog86uk
    I know what you mean.

    When I first started doing practice mode and was rarely getting above 10 combo, I actually clicked the wrong answers on purpose because I was more interested in finding out what those other words meant.

    As for being concerned about how much you learn from when you only know the three wrong answers and so know to click the other one...
    Once you've answered, you have kind of learnt it for next time (although it will probably be hard to remember this way)... And once you get it right a few more times you'll probably remember it without needing to know the wrong answers first.

    After answering, I usually click on the 'Learn more about ...' button, and try to figure out enough about the word/kanji that I might remember it next time.
    Usually I click 'open link in new tab' and carry on with the next question. After I have loads of these tabs, I'll quickly look through them all before going back to some more practice mode.
  • Mica
    I do click on that link~ especially when I remember seeing the kanji being used for somewhere or with something else~ I'm the curious type~ lol~
    I especially like hearing how they sound~ There are still things I don't entirely know how to pronounce/say~ Specially trouble saying things with "-った" So going to it's dictionary page and hearing the sound when it wasn't offered in the question helps~

    And that is true~ if nothing else~ At the very least it will help me 'read more' and familiarize myself to some extent with the words/kanji~

    One thing I question similarly to how I question how much am I learning~ is~ How much emphasis should I be putting to trying to learn the Kanji instead of directly going to the Hiragana writing~

    In a sense~ I think~ "that time taken to try and remember the kanji when I come across them in the practice could have been better used trying to increase my vocabulary by answering more practice questions"
    I believe it would be simpler to familiarize myself with the Kanji when I encounter it on an article/book/app or something where I would wish to learn of it's meaning~ rather then when I come across it as a stand-alone~ Since there may be less things to attach it to~
  • BlackMuffin

    I feel a lot better now.

    Thanks guys. owo
  • hatake_girl
    good luck, blackmuffin 'w'
    You can do it ^.^/
    just do it with pleasure :3
  • Mica
    You're welcome Muffin~
    And yep~ Enjoy it while you learn like Hatake said~ ^^
  • hatake_girl
    isshoni ganbarou :3/
  • Mica
    Hai~ ^^/
  • thenewjapboy
  • thenewjapboy
  • thenewjapboy
  • BlueLightning
    Don't fret. The first month is rough, as you begin exposure to brand new symbols and vocabulary. After that all of the pronunciations and writing become familiar. Also, not making mistakes during combination runs and recognizing the wrong answers increases the scores as stated before. You will be surprised how much Kanji you will absorb and what each meaning is in relation to the sentence/question posed. My weak point is learning the phonetics for Kanji characters, but that will not stop me. I print out everything into a study guide and read it out loud when I am not here on the site.
  • BlueLightning
    Also, I have a recommendation. I have a "Living Language Conversational Japanese" book and CD (ripped to mp3's) which does delve into grammar and conjugation. It also contains hiragana and katakana tables in the appendix (no Kanji). You might want to search a copy for your learning. (I will be in search of a good Kanji book(s) in the near future.)
  • BlackMuffin
    Thanks for the advice, Blue. I'll take that to heart.